SHOCK: George Soros Spent Millions of Dollars to Flood Italy with Non-Whites

Daily Stormer
October 24, 2019

This is for your own good, you stupid goyim!

Isn’t it a complete mystery how these people, who literally want nothing more than to force us to live in a wonderful utopia where everyone is happy, are also universally hated for absolutely no reason?


The former national secretary of the Italian Radicals has confirmed his party received $298,000 in 2017 from George Soros’ Open Society foundations for the purpose of promoting international immigration.

Riccardo Magi, former secretary of Emma Bonino’s globalist Radical party and now deputy of +Europa, said that the financing came from the multi-billionaire “to promote a wide-ranging reform of Italian immigration laws through initiatives aimed at providing aid to immigrants and advancing their social well-being.”

In essence, Italian media reported, the funding was aimed at procuring the 90 thousand signatures necessary to guarantee the advance of an immigration bill titled “I was a stranger — humanity doing good.”

See, goyim?

All Soros wants is to do good.

How could you possibly hate him for that?

BTW, that Emma Bonino hag is an old ugly woman who has no children.

Very few non-Jews work as hard to destroy civilization as childless old women.

After we get rid of the kikes, one of the first things we have to do is criminalize intentional childlessness, ideally by executing any woman who doesn’t have children by the age of 35.

Obviously, this wouldn’t apply to women who can’t have children for medical or other objective reasons – those can adopt or use various modern technologies, depending on their problem.

“Bossi-Fini,” Magi said in reference to Italy’s current immigration law, “has produced half a billion irregular workers in Italy. With our law, filed at the end of the last legislature but not yet tabled, we ask that there be regular entry channels, we want to reconcile supply and demand for labor.”

“It is urgent to regularize and integrate foreigners, I am not talking about amnesty, obviously,” Mr. Magi said. “People are chasing after the specter of Soros and do not see what the real anti-democratic forces in Italy are.”

“Salvini had said that in 5 years he would have repatriated 500,000 irregular immigrants: in fact, in just one year he repatriated only 5,000,” Magi added. “So what do we want to do? Why not regularize anybody who has an employer ready to hire him?”

Most people in Italy do not want more invaders.

You’re working to bring in more invaders.

By the hypothetical meaning of the word, you’re being anti-democratic.

But of course – democracy doesn’t really mean what we think it means, so technically you’re right.

Also – heck the GDP, I don’t care if these monkeys have jobs or not, they have to be gotten rid of completely and the traitors who hired them hanged for treason.

The MEP said he was proud to receive funding from Soros, insisting that it is much better than being friends with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

“Much better to receive support from Soros than to be friends with Orbán,” Magi said.

“I fully acknowledge the financing received, it is a point of pride,” he said. “Others, like the League, seem to have benefited from clandestine funds from Russian emissaries. Ours was an operation in the light of the day; it’s all accounted for.”

In just one year (2017-2018), the leftist disrupter gave a total of $8.5 million to political parties, associations, and NGO’s operating in Italy to advance his immigration agenda, reports state.

Yes, taking money from a foreigner to do something that most people are against is the basis of (((democracy))).

It’s literally who we are!

And remember – these people are doing it solely out of the goodness of their hearts…

… which for some reason never extends to their militarized ethno-state in the desert.