Shock Poll: Germans Would NOT Feel Less Safe If the US Military Stopped Occupying Their Country

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 19, 2019

US heavy machinery rolls through a German public street to remind the Germans how free they are.

The US keeps Germany safe in the same way a pimp keeps a whore safe.

They’d better think twice about attacking this freedom-oriented military occupation. It might be 75 years since Adolf Hitler died, but at any time another Hitler could rise. And Germans would pay the price.

We keep 40,000 troops there to prevent this from happening. It’s a favor we do for them. It’s costing us a lot of money. They should be more grateful.


Three-quarters of Germans say that a US troop pullout won’t leave them defenseless, but almost as many believe their own army would be of little effect, a poll found, amid reports that Washington may move its assets to Poland.

74 percent of people surveyed by pollster Emnid for Bild magazine believe they wouldn’t feel less secure if American troops were to withdraw from Germany, as compared to 18 percent who said the US military presence reinforces their feeling of safety.

Previously, two American ambassadors, Georgette Mosbacher in Warsaw and the notorious Richard Grenell in Berlin, have hinted that relocating US forces to neighboring Poland might be a possibility, as Washington becomes increasingly angry at what it sees as Germany’s low defense spending.

While Berlin fails to achieve a military spending target of 2 percent of its GDP, Poland has succeeded, making it an ideal country to host the American military contingent, they stated at the time. The public speculation was greeted with a harsh response from German politicians. Dietmar Bartsch from the opposition Left Party suggested that “if the Americans pull out soldiers, they will also have to pull out their nuclear weapons.”

Troop withdrawal rumors aside, the Emnid poll found that 62 percent of respondents don’t believe Germany’s armed forces are able to defend their country.

Well, you’re probably safer without a powerful military, because then the next Hitler won’t be able to use it to attack the world and try to kill all the Jews and force everyone to learn German.

The Cold War ended three decades ago, so there isn’t really an issue with foreign invasion. Maybe Russia will eventually invade, but if the troops are in Poland then you’ve got a barrier.

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