Shock Study: Only 20% of The Daily Stormer’s Readership is Driven by Hatred

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2016


A shocking study by the Neo-Nazi White Supremacist website The Daily Stormer has found that only 20% of the readership of the Neo-Nazi White Supremacist website The Daily Stormer is driven by hate.

Surveying nearly 2,000 readers, the study found that a whopping 80% of the readers held political beliefs that were driven by some other emotion than hate, or simply logic and reason.

daily stormer hate poll

The Daily Stormer’s publisher, Andrew Anglin, one of the top chieftains of the Neo-Nazi White Supremacist movement, has called on groups and news outlets which have referred to Stormer as a “hate site” to apologize and issue retractions.

The Daily Stormer has issued a statement requesting official apologies from the following who have libeled it by claiming it is a “hate site.”

Anglin’s statement:

Dear media kikes:

In the future, please refer to The Daily Stormer as a “love and logic site,” or if you must, a “20% hate site.”

For the sake of journalistic integrity, you must. Because if in the future, we don’t see “Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist love site,” we’re going to reference this article and everyone will be like “yo Jew, you lie, brah.”

Just to be clear though, I would do anything for love.

Including starting a race war and gassing the kikes.


Attached was a partial list of the groups who have libeled him by claiming his site is driven by hate:

It indeed appears that the Jewish claims of “hate site” were unscientific and have now been proved to be factually inaccurate.

It is yet to be seen if the media will consider this factual data in the future. Having proved scientifically that The Daily Stormer is not a hate site, Anglin will have grounds to sue the Jews if they continue to make this false claim.