Shocking and Unpredictable: Large Group of Blacks Spend $420 in Restaurant Then SKIP THE BILL

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 8, 2018

Just when I think I’ve figured out how the world works, a massive glitch in the matrix occurs that forces me to reassess my entire perception of reality.

I mean, people of color skipping the bill after gorging on restaurant food?

Maybe the Queen is a lizard after all…

WENY News:

Police are looking for a group of nearly 20 people who they say tried to do drugs inside a popular Midtown restaurant, then skipped out on a $420 bill.

It happened at Frida’s Mexican Restaurante on Madison Avenue this past Sunday night.

Surveillance video from inside the restaurant shows a table of 16 people eating and enjoying themselves.

Frida’s manager Jesse Gonzalez says they were one of the last tables seated at around 10:30, a half hour before closing.

They came in at the last minute. We didn’t think anything of it.

You’re fooling no one, Mr. Bean.

There isn’t a single restaurant manager in America that doesn’t break into a cold sweat when a huge posse of blacks enters his establishment at night.

At a bare minimum, you’re going to endure loudness, abuse of staff and questionable table manners…

… and that’s from blacks like Barack Obama, Morgan Freeman or Colin Powell.

We all know it gets worse – upturned tables over undressed salads worse – when you’re dealing with the remaining 99% of blacks that are literal silverbacks.

He says they treated themselves, ordering some of the most expensive things on the menu, including $11 margaritas.

“The grand burritos, Frida’s special steak, steak and shrimp,” he said.

But soon, he said, the bartender got a whiff of something that didn’t smell like grilled steak and peppers.

“It was just one guy smoking weed. We asked him to stop. I guess he was the leader or the group and he made a scene,” Gonzalez said.

At that point, Gonzalez said, the group started berating the staff.

“They started getting louder and louder, getting upset, yelling offenses to the server, saying come on, come on.”

Eventually, one by one, the people finished their drinks and left the table.

Two women left behind didn’t seem to be in as much of a hurry, though. One even carried her blue margarita away from the table after the group ignored staff and skipped out on the $420 bill.

The manager could have avoided this theft – or at least minimized losses – if he’d just asked the blacks to pay upfront.

Yeah, IHOP did that and the media accused the chain of attempting to reinstate Jim Crow, but this manager had a reasonable excuse: his restaurant was closing in 30 minutes.

The blacks would have still caused a scene, of course, but at least the kitchen’s chicken and shrimp supplies would have remained intact.

… In theory.

Gonzalez says they even pushed one of the servers in the stairwell. He says he’s never seen anything like it.

“Our walk-outs are, they forgot to pay or they’ll come back next day. Major walkouts like that, that’s our first and biggest one.”

Nope. Nod gonvinced :DD

This restaurant is located in Memphis, the Wakanda of the south.

It’s just not possible that this manager and his staff haven’t had countless negative experiences with “Canadians.” I get the impression he’s afraid of coming across as racist to the media, which is quite ironic seeing as he’s at least part Mexican – a protected class in the US.

This ordeal really does emphasize just how entrenched these kike anti-discrimination laws have become. No one is allowed to put up “NO BLACKS OR IRISH” signs outside their establishments anymore, so we’re all forced to tolerate constant chimpouts from entitled blacks and drunken Irishmen.

It’s insane.