SHOCKING HATRED! Nazis in Britain Oppress Old Man for Being a Bovinaesexual!

Daily Stormer
March 7, 2018

John Curno, 80, is a victim of bigotry

Just when you think the world might be getting a bit better, you find out about something like this.

These fucking NAZIS in Britain still haven’t gotten the message that LOVE IS LOVE and that there’s nothing wrong with a man sticking his arm in a cow’s rectum and masturbating with the other one, so long as the cow consented.


 A pensioner has been found guilty of outraging public decency after he was caught with his arm inside a cow.


John Curno, 80, was banned from every farm in Britain when he was spotted stroking and talking to a herd of 150 cows and masturbating in fields several times in summer 2017.

One one occasion, he was seen inserting his left arm up to his shoulder into a cow’s rear end while performing a solo sex act.

That’s so beautiful…

This man was EXPRESSING HIS LOVE, and the NEO-NAZI government of Britain arrested for it.

To those of you who have been so brainwashed by the CAPITALISTCHRISTIANNAZIPATRIARCHY that you think such acts of love are somehow “wrong” or “deviant” I would remind you that just a few decades ago, most people thought the same thing about Whites having sex with people of other races, and those people have been proven wrong just like you will be.

If you don’t understand how beautiful this is, you’ll probably get arrested, just like you deserve

 When he was eventually caught he tried to flee with his pants around his ankles but fell into mud after tripping over a stile.

Do you see the consequences of your IGNORANCE and HATRED now ?!?!?!

 The pensioner was said to have told police who arrested him: ‘I have a weakness with animals.’

That is not a weakness, old man.

That’s LOVE, which is our second greatest strength after DIVERSITY

Magistrates found him guilty of two counts of outraging public decency and he was due to be sentenced today.

However, the hearing was adjourned in order for experts to assess his mental health.

Remember when people used to think being a homosexual was a “mental illness?”

That was eventually proven to be wrong, and so will this one day.

There is literally nothing more normal than this

Witness Meave McHugh spotted Curno from her cottage conservatory, which overlooks Park Lodge Farm in Uxbridge, west London.

She said: ‘I had binoculars as well, there was a man standing in and amongst a group of cows.

Why couldn’t this wom… pardon me, this person just mind her own business, instead of snitching on the poor old man’s romance?

This must be what Hannah Arendt meant when she talked about the banality of evil.

 ‘He found one that did not seem to mind too much, he was stroking it and talking to it, he was all over it.


THE COW CONSENTED!!! (I’m assuming, from the article, that xe identifies as a cow, I’m sorry if I misspecied, I don’t want to offend anyone)

So what’s the problem then?

I’ll tell you what the problem is – HATRED!!!

Susan Howie, who described her herd as part of her family, also caught the pensioner twice.

She said: ‘I was disgusted, we gave nobody permission to touch or interfere with our cows, it might seem funny to you but they are family they are not just cows.’.

If they really were “family” you wouldn’t be oppressing them in your “farm,” you filthy CAPITALIST!

And you most certainly wouldn’t interfere in their love life.

District Judge Deborah Wright adjourned the sentencing until March 29 pending a psychiatrist’s report on Curno’s health.

He was told current bail conditions banning him from visiting any farm will remain in place until he is sentenced.

Absolutely disgusting and RETROGRADE!

I can’t believe shit like this is still happening in CURRENT YEAR!

And you who’s to blame for this, don’t you?


He’s the reason why people and cows can’t be who they are, and love who they love.

If any of you reading this still have any hateful thoughts about this, I warmly recommend you watch Dolphin Lover, a critically acclaimed, award-wining short documentary where a Jewish man tells us about the romantic relationship he had with a dolphin.

It’s very inspiring and eye-opening.

“I couldn’t find any moral or ethical objections, and I still don’t”