Shocking: US Navy Ship Crash Fault of Affirmative Action Female Officer

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
May 14, 2018

Just another broken egg in the struggle for tolerance and equality.

Whenever some horrible military accident occurs involving ships crashing into each other or aircraft going down for no apparent reason, everyone’s instincts tell them “yep, that’s gotta be either women or brown people.”

In most cases, the details are never revealed to the public. But this time all of our horrible misogynistic prejudices were confirmed.


The junior lieutenant in charge of navigating the USS Fitzgerald when it collided with a commercial vessel pleaded guilty Tuesday to dereliction of duty and acknowledged her role in the deaths of seven sailors last year.

Lt. j.g. Sarah Coppock cried during her court-martial at the Washington Navy Yard. She was sentenced to forfeit half of her pay for three months – an additional month on top of the two she forfeited as her nonjudicial punishment. She also received a letter of reprimand.

In other words, she cried and got a slap on the wrist.

TFW you killed seven sailors through sheer incompetence because you thought you could do anything a man can do.

Half pay for three months and a “letter of reprimand?” For destroying a ship worth millions of dollars and killing seven men? That’s like six thousand dollars docked off her pay.

Is she still going to be allowed to command ships after this? Nothing here is indicating that she won’t.

“Not a day goes by where I haven’t thought about what I could have done differently,” she said. “There is nothing I can do now but take responsibility.”

What you could do is let a White man do the job you’re obviously not qualified for.

Coppock said her success as an officer of the Navy was through the support of her sailors. “And then, when it mattered, I failed them,” she said through tears. “I made some tremendously bad decisions and they had to pay the price for them.”

Yeah, you can bet that’s true. Their “support” probably involves doing her job for her so that her incompetence could remain hidden long enough for this catastrophe to occur.

Coppock’s unsworn statement followed the testimony of family members of sailors who died when the Fitzgerald collided with a civilian commercial vessel on June 17. The court heard about a wife who now fears water and a 3-year old who will never again share firsts with his dad, and parents who lost their faith and struggle to keep their marriage together.

“I am sad all the time,” said Terri Rigsby, whose son Dakota Rigsby was among the sailors killed. “I have persistent images in my mind of him drowning, and struggling to get out of his compartment. I am terrified he was scared and he suffered.”

Feminism was all fun and games when it was about letting women be marketing executives and economists.

What could possibly go wrong?

But now that we’re letting women into roles where lives are at stake, the death toll is just gonna keep rising.

Coppock was charged for failing to “communicate and coordinate with the Combat Information Center, report ship specified contacts to the commanding officer, operate safely in a high-density traffic condition and alert crew of imminent collision,” according to the charge sheet.

Capt. Charles Purnell, the Navy judge presiding over Tuesday’s court-martial, described the collision as having “dozens of failure points and dereliction of many participants – a legion, if you will, of failures.”

That’s the “new” military in a nutshell. A “legion” of failures.

How the hell are these throngs of women and minorities going to fight against Russia or China if they can’t even stop their ships from crashing into each other?

Maybe we should rethink this whole “fight a world war against Russia” thing until this is all sorted out?

These Slavs ain’t messin’ around, you know…