Sick Roundhouse Kick From Cuck Norris FLATTENS Pro-Life Hoe

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2018

UPDATE: Jordan Hunt AKA “CUCK NORRIS” Doubles Down on Hoe-Beating; Calls Out Filthy Kike Ben Shapiro!

I have never seen a successful roundhouse quick executed so flawlessly and aesthetically.

Check out his wind-up.

Tongue stuck out for extra…cheek.

Eyes focused on the target.

And then the knockout


Hits the ground like sack of dirt.

A roundhouse kick, while the easiest of the kicks, is still not easy to pull off. I’m not saying we should support the man, but can we at least admire the technique?

The funny thing is that Cuck Norris here doesn’t look like he’s ever had any martial arts training.

That and the goofy wind-up indicates to me that he got most of his training from cartoons.

Because it seems very cartoonish.

Could you imagine pulling off a perfect roundhouse technique just from watching a cartoon?

I couldn’t.

This fag is a natural genius. 

I feel like the other Italian composer in Amadeus who is jealous of Mozart’s God-given skills.

Why did God gift Cuck Norris with such martial gifts?

And not me…

Not fair.

Also, even the fags are thot-patrolling now… everybody is stepping up their game but us… sad!

Editor’s Note: 

Roy missed the satanic star on his necklace.

Imagine, a guy supporting the murder of children also being a satanic homosexual.

Could also be satan who gave him that sick roundhouse technique in exchange for his soul.