Sickening CIS White Female Lashes Out Against Oppressed Trans Woman

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 20, 2018

This is the new face of hate in America.

In a shocking turn of events, a white female who lost a biking contest against a trans woman has lashed out with pure hatred against the superior rider, claiming that the race was somehow “not fair.”

The white supremacist and transphobic bigot Wagner-Assali whined on Twitter in the most hateful manner, enraged at her inability to compete in a fair race and win fairly against Rachel McKinnon, another woman.

“Not fair,” she says – implying that a transwoman is somehow different than a CIS gender woman.

Absolutely disgusting.

In a just country, this tweet would have resulted in arrest. But in Trump’s America, all it resulted in was mob harassment on the internet.

Some women have penises – deal with it, bigot. 

The hater Jen Wagner-Assali – who is believed to be a Trump supporter and possibly a member of the “Proud Boys” White Supremacist gang – was eventually bullied into apologizing.

But should we really let her off that easily?

With an apology?

After she implied that a transwoman is somehow different than a CIS woman?

I think not.

If Drumpf insists on refusing to pass laws that protect the rights of trans people not to be insulted, we need to contact this woman’s employer and ensure she is fired.

Furthermore, we need to report this hatespeech to Twitter and get her banned.

This clearly violates their long-held policy against dehumanizing language.

Here is Jen’s account.

Please report her dehumanizing language and help protect the trans community worldwide from questions about whether or not it is “fair” for them to compete against women in sports competition.

Remember: hey hey, ho ho, these transphobic bigots have got to go, hey hey, ho ho, this is what democracy looks like, show me what democracy looks like, shut it down.

The progressive stack exists for a reason.


A progressive stack is a technique used to give marginalized groups a greater chance to speak. It is sometimes an introduction to, or stepping stone to, consensus decision-making in which simple majorities have less power.

The progressive stack technique attempts to counter what its proponents believe is a flaw in traditional representative democracy, where the majority is heard while the minority or non-dominant groups are silenced or ignored. In practice, “majority culture” is interpreted by progressive stack practitioners to mean White people, men and young adults, while non-dominant groups include women, people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, people of color, and very young or older people.

If white women think they’re above trans women in that equation, they have another thing coming.

This is the current order, in order of least to most oppressed:

  1. White men
  2. Crippled white people
  3. Asians
  4. Homosexual white men
  5. White women
  6. White people with Down Syndrome
  7. Sikhs
  8. Lesbians
  9. Indians (Hindu)
  10. Mexicans
  11. African Americans
  12. Homosexual people with Down Syndrome
  13. Illegal Mexican immigrants
  14. Homosexual African Americans
  15. Transgender African Americans
  16. Homosexual illegal Mexican immigrants
  17. Transgender illegal Mexican immigrants
  18. Transgender people with Down Syndrome
  19. Muslims
  20. Muslim refugees
  21. Homosexual Muslims
  22. Transgender Muslims
  23. Homosexual Muslim refugees
  24. Transgender Muslim refugees

That order is subject to change at any time, but I’ll tell you – white CIS women aren’t going to be moving up any time soon! If anything, they’ll be moving down – right above white men!