Sickening Neocon Jew Jennifer Rubin’s Praise of Bush Shows Why He was a Piece of Shit

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 3, 2018

Jews really make it easy to understand anything that happens. Because all you have to do is look at what they’re saying, and know that they are promoting whatever it is that is evil and wrong.

So as I’ve been thinking about what George H.W. Bush’s presidency represented in the American experience following his death and all of this media about him, I was interested to see what the absolutely repulsive neocon Jew Jenifer Rubin had to say in the Jewish Washington Post.

For those unawares, the Jew Rubin, like all neocon Jews, spends the overwhelming majority of her time crafting explanations for the goyim as to why it is that they should feel very smart for supporting the Jew-globalist agenda. Because whereas liberalism is mainly a feminine endeavor, based on emotions, meaning that you can just show a liberal faggot a picture of diaper baby getting gassed and s/he will support a massive third world invasion of his own country, conservatism is a masculine ideology, so it seeks to have a higher ideal and be morally and ideologically consistent.

So the Jews invent these systems to sell the conservatives. They are a lot of times extremely complex seeming, but always come down to “and that’s why American blood and treasure needs to be spilled all over the place to forward the globalist agenda of the Jewish people.”

A group recently asked that the Washington Post stop referring to the Jew Rubin as a “conservative,” but the reality of the matter is that she is saying exactly what the neoconservatives have been saying since they began their movement. I do not know how many people continue to support this woman or her ideas – judging from the way she and others of her kin such as Max Boot and William Kristol behave, it certainly does not appear as though many people are supporting them. The only neocon Jew who is somewhat popular is Ben Shapiro, and that is almost exclusively due to his “edgy” positions on social issues in America, not due to his bloodthirsty demands for endless war for Israel.

Even if people no longer support neoconservatism, however, we should not ever forget that many, many people did support this deranged agenda and that it resulted in the entire Middle East destroy, thousands of Americans dying and trillions spent on wars, among other issues.

Up through the 1980s, many conservative thinkers were anti-Jewish in orientation, and were aware of these various tricks they use on unwitting goyim, so they could simply say outright: “this is a complex and confusing bunch of nonsense designed to get people to support the interests of the Jews.”

But then in the 80s, William F. Buckley’s National Review was successfully able to purge anyone who wasn’t 100% Jew-first from the conservative movement. They were then disallowed from publishing anywhere, in a time before the internet.

This was just before the time of George H.W. Bush. Elected in 1988, he was the first true globalist president. He was the first to push for international “free trade.” He launched the first Iraq war, which was the first interventionist war which was presented as a humanitarian rescue. Up until that point, every war had at least the veneer of “if we don’t go fight these people over there, they’re gonna end up over here.”

Clinton would go on to see NAFTA through, and would also launch a second “save them with bombs” war against Serbia, using the Iraq war as a precedent.

So it is no surprise that Jews are making a huge deal of Bush’s death.

Rubin’s piece on Bush’s legacy focuses mainly on praising his handling of the end of the Cold War and the fall of communism, which was the worst disaster of the 20th century.

Conservatives really hated communism, and the Jews were successful in turning that ideological hatred for communism into a hatred of the Soviet Union. The Jews of course do not themselves hate communism, and in fact invented it. What they do hate is the Russians. They hate the Russians more than any other group. Even though Jews have a shorter history with the Russians, they have out-placed the Persians at the top of the Jewish hate list.

So when the Jews talked about “defeating communism,” what they were actually talking about was “destroying Russia.” And when Rubin praises Bush’s handling of the end of the Cold War, what she is praising is making sure that Russians were not able to regroup, and sunk into a decade of hell after their country was split into a bunch of different pieces.

She quotes Colin Powell and other Bush people who are currently out there talking about what a great person this man was. None of them are talking about Iraq, even though they absolutely consider the first Iraq war as a model for using American military might to cripple what could potentially be a threat to the Jews. I think this is because Trump has successfully soured people on the entire Iraq adventure, to the point where they can’t even talk about the first war without making people angry.

She closes the article with a curse on Trump’s name, stating without much room for confusion that when Trump is dead, he will not get celebrated like Bush, and will instead be written in history the same way Adolf Hitler is written:

You cannot help but make the comparison between Bush 41 and his administration, on the one hand, and, on the other, the current crew. The liars, braggarts and bullies who’ve populated this administration will have their legacy, too. None of their ludicrous lies can change history’s verdict; none of them will be heralded for leaving American democracy stronger than when they entered office. Neither in their personal dealings nor in their policy choices will they be seen as kind or considerate. They’ve torn up international agreements, frayed relationships (here and abroad) and deformed institutions. When it comes to history’s verdict, Democrats — and a great many Republicans (if the party still exists) — will enumerate their indictments, lies, horrid appointments, scandals and policy failures. They won’t be missed.

The President should understand this.

If he does not beat these Jews, they will make him and his family suffer for it, and after they are gone, he and all of them will have their names used as curses by the Jews, in the exact same way as happened to poor old Adolf. I am quite certain they will, if they are given a chance, invent some new Holocaust-like mythos of suffering to ascribe to Trump.

He should be aware of that.