Sicko German Publisher Prints Magazine in HIV Blood

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
May 5, 2015

It has come to this.
It has come to this.

In an attempt to directly pollute the German population with the HIV virus, 30000 copies of the May issue of men’s magazine Vandgardist has somehow been printed using HIV infected blood in place of ink.

Crikey knows how they go about substituting the polluted, most likely faggot blood with regular ink, but it’s a sure bet the risk is much higher for the printers than the degraded homo filth that actually reads the rainbow-tinted rubbish-bin liner.

Naturally, there is nothing but good Social Justice Warrior intentions behind the whole vomit-inducing project.

Leaning back in his leather chair, possibly getting head off the office intern boy, the magazine’s CEO Julian Wiehl chortled off some clichéd bullshit about how the publishers have a responsibility to shape issues that are of major importance to society.

Funny, they haven’t done an issue on rapist Muslim asylum seekers yet.

The publishers of this “collector’s edition” have been gushing assurances about how nobody can actually run the risk of catching the deadly disease by thumbing through a copy without wearing reinforced biohazard-proof rubber gloves. It’s simply safe as houses, no gotchas whatsoever; A1 clean bill of health and all that. See, the ‘methodology’ they used is wholly sound, since they were advised on how to print the gory glossy with the highly contagious diseased blood by brainiac boffins at Harvard and Innsbruck universities.

We all must share the burden.
We all must share the burden.

The twisted queer-soul behind the bilious gimmick, Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland executive creative director Jason Romeyko again banged home the whole theme of ‘raising awareness’. He waxed lyrically about how, “With this unique project, we want to create a response in a heartbeat by transforming the media in the very root of the stigma itself – by printing every word, line, picture and page of the magazine with blood from HIV positive people.”

Naturally, his wording is convoluted, since that sentence should actually read, “the media IS the very root of every stigma it is possible to list.”

But hey, you can only expect so much from a socially aware yuppie who openly deals in toxic waste as a way of lifting his clients’ product recgonition.