Simian Robber Charged with Murder After 70-Year-Old White Homeowner Dies from Gunshot Wounds

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2019

Tyron Davis.

The home the negro robbed was actually a meth den, so whatever I guess.

Still, it’s kind of funny that the 70-year-old chased the coon around with a machete.


Authorities have charged a suspect with first-degree murder after a 70-year-old Oklahoma City homeowner died from gunshot wound complications following a violent home invasion in August.

According to a police report, John Heimer was asleep in his bedroom in the dark when he woke up to a man in a dark hoodie and a ski mask pointing a gun at him.

When the suspect demanded the combination to Heimer’s safe, he grabbed the suspect by the throat and grabbed his phone. That’s when the suspect allegedly grabbed Heimer’s phone and shot him in his left knee.

Heimer then grabbed a machete and tried to chase the suspect out of his home, according to police.

Heimer was transported to an area hospital where he was treated and released but as time went by, Heimer developed an infection and died October 26.

After an investigation by police, Tyron A. Davis, 26, has now been charged with murder in the first degree.

According to the affidavit, Davis knew Heimer and had been to the home in the past.

News 4 has been to the home in the past. Six people were arrested there back in January, including the victims in this case, when guns and about eight grams of meth were seized there by police.

John Heimer.