Single Mom Sent to Jail for Breaking Fortnite Zoomer’s Jaw

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 27, 2019

The wages of single mommery are death and despair.

Fox 35:

A Volusia County mother is facing child abuse charges after punching her son so hard that his jaw was dislocated, police say.

Ann Perugia, 35, was arrested on Wednesday at her home on Northern Road in South Daytona. According to a report from the South Daytona Police Department, Perugia had asked her 10-year-old son to turn off his ‘Fortnite’ video game and take a shower. After 10 minutes passed, Perugia asked him if he had taken a shower and he replied “no.”

“He got up and started towards the bathroom and that is when his mother got irate and charged into the bathroom,” the report states. “When the two got into the bathroom, (he) stated that she punched him with a closed fist in the jaw which dislocated his jaw and caused great pain.”

Congratulations, you dumb psycho bitch.

You just created the next Joker.

That Epic Gamer is going to grow up and pillow you on the Day of the Uprising. You’ve sown the seeds of your own destruction, and you don’t even know it yet.

The single mom was taken to jail… for her own safety. The guards should throw away the key and subject her to daily beatings with billy clubs, but alas, we live in a fallen society where there is no true justice.

The boy was able to call his father to come pick him up. His father completed a sworn statement and said he wanted to press charges against Perugia for child abuse.

Perugia reportedly told police that after she asked him a second time to take a shower, “the mother stated he stomped his feet into the bathroom so she followed him and asked what his attitude was for and he replied to her, ‘I hate you and you don’t do anything for me!'”

Dumb bitch, she should have brought those tendies on time.

A couple of weeks in the slammer ought to teach her.

Perugia stated that the only thing she did after that “was grab (him) by his arm and brought him back inside” when he tried to leave. She did not mention punching the boy.

She was placed under arrest and taken to jail.

Police say because the father does not have full custody, the boy is staying with his aunt.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire – bad luck, kid.

Once again, because we all need a reminder from time to time: We live in a Human Rights Freedom Democracy ™, which means that we take orders from mommies now – the Mommy Occupation Government, as it is affectionately known. Now, you can choose your mommy (for now, and within reason), but you can’t ever not have a mommy supervising you.

Sometimes, you can even have two mommies for twice the fun and empowerment to your jaw.

“The child also had scratches around his body that were caused by the mother,” the police report states.”This malicious act also caused her son unjustifiable pain and injury. This act has no valid reason to subject the child to that kind of punishment for failing to listen to his mother.”

Remember, the boy was only 10 when she decided to open up a can of female empowerment on his face. This was not a fair fight. No one in their right mind does this. Saudi men don’t even do that to their wives.

They use open-handed 100% halal palm strikes executed judiciously to the body or the back of the hand to the face.

In other words, what this craven cunt did was blatantly unfair and unjust even by Middle Eastern standards.

I can’t wait to revisit this family in a couple of years after her little boy has put on a bit of mass. 

Things will work out well in the end, I’m sure.