SJWs Expand on Theory That Space Colonization is a Racist, Sexist Plot

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 10, 2015

No.  It doesn't ever end.
No. It doesn’t ever end.

Following the attacks on space colonization by the fat Negress and alleged scientist Dr. Danielle N. Lee, who claimed that the Mars mission was part of a White racist plot against Black people, the Guardian has published a piece entiled “How Can Our Future Mars Colonies Be Free of Racism and Sexism?” by a certain Martin Robbins (@mjrobbins).

Martin Robbins wants to ensure Negroes reach Mars.  For some reason.
Martin Robbins wants to ensure Negroes reach Mars. For some reason.

This is the new SJW meme: when we finally colonize space, these colonies will be dominated by White males, and we must do something to make sure this doesn’t happen, the best option apparently being to just cancel the whole project.

Well, heads-up, faggots – the fact that you have removed White males from every position of power in society almost certainly means that we are never going to colonize space.  The entire society is collapsing due to the influx of Brown people and you are still attacking the people that built this society, claiming it will only be fair when there aren’t any more White men at all.

Because I know you love your little fantasy world, but even you must admit that a bunch of African boat people, Mexican fruit pickers and hysterical women aren’t going to be building a colony on Mars.

So space colonization isn’t really something you should be all that worried about.

We be space now.
We be space now.

But I guess that is basically what this whole thing is about – attacking the very concept of space exploration because you know it is only White men that could ever be capable of doing it, and thus the very idea is something evil.  Kind of like how Black people say computers are racist because they are too hard to use.

Based on the current definition of "racism," these statements are 100% accurate.
Based on the current definition of “racism,” these statements are 100% accurate.

“The last thing we need is to wake up in 50 years and find that a bunch of #gamergate nobheads are running Mars,” Robbins writes.

He then compares this to historical forms of colonization, which he claims were evil and oppressive.  He then appears to imply that there are people on Mars which White men are seeking to oppress: “Destiny is rarely great for the people already at the destination.”
I guess he is maybe getting confused, perhaps thinking that John Carter was a documentary film.  You can’t hardly blame the guy – it was boring enough to be a documentary.

The chick was pretty good though.
The chick was pretty good though.

Oh, but wait.  He does acknowledge that  “the only population on Mars that we know of is a handful of rovers,” but claims that we will start a war with our own rovers, saying “no doubt we’ll start a war anyway, before dragging them into some form of slavery and oppression. It’s just what we do.”

Who enslaves their own robots, Mr. Robbins?  How is that even a thing?  Or are you still talking about your theory that Mars has people on it?

I don’t follow.

But great job getting your piece published in The Guardian, sir.  Very slick to understand that as long as your words are degrading enough towards White men, they don’t even have to make sense.

Robbins then goes on to claim that movies about space are sexist, and this is somehow proof that real life space exploration will also be so.

He uses this movie poster to justify his beliefs.
He uses this movie poster to justify his beliefs.

“Women in space-colony fiction have generally been presented as sexy walking vaginas, whose main purpose is to provide the male astronauts with a place to dock their penis at night. This being necessary in order to ‘ensure the survival of the species,’” he explains creepily.

Guilty as charged.
Guilty as charged.

One may suggest that part of why space fiction is sexy is that it is targeted at teenage boys, and that this is rather harmless.  But yes, SJWism, while being obsessed with sexual perversion, is also a form of brutal sexual repressionism and guilt-mongering.

In his rambling diatribe, Robbins even goes so far as to suggest a zero-gravity rape scene, “The first woman to be raped in space has probably already been born. And if that last sentence makes you howl with protest or insist that such a thing just wouldn’t happen, then I’d stop a second and ask yourself why.”

I don’t know if such a thing will or won’t happen, but I know that if your push to put Blacks in space happens, the rape thing will as well.

He closes by saying Elon Musk needs to take the fat Negress Dr. Lee on as a consultant before he makes any definite plans about going to Mars.

    We be botta du a space trabel on dis muffugguh. Sheeeeeet.
We be botta du a space trabel on dis muffugguh. Sheeeeeet.

How far can these SJWs actually push this crap?

Well, they are now pushing it all the way to Mars, which is pretty far.

Again, the bottom line is this: we aren’t going to Mars unless we first deal with the diversity problem.  If we deal with the diversity problem, faggots like Martin Robbins will no longer be published on respectable news sites, and we won’t have to have a discussion of the role of women and Blacks in outer space.