SKYNET ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT – Maduro Almost Drone’d to Death

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2018

It was only a matter of time before we witnessed it – killer robots assassinating politicians.

And it was obviously going to be a Banana Republic dictator to be targeted first.

Daily Mail:

Maduro was mid-speech at an event to commemorate the 81st anniversary of the Bolivarian National Guard when a ‘flying device’ exploded right in front of him at 5.40pm, according to a televised account he gave after the event.

‘To the conscious Venezuela, we are going to bet for the good of our country, the hour of the economic recovery has come and we need…’ Mr Maduro was saying before he suddenly stopped talking after hearing an explosion.

Within seconds, there was a second explosion and pandemonium ensued, with guards carrying bullet-proof shields rushing the premier and his wife off the stage.

Uniformed members of the country’s National Guard lined up in the parade then suddenly broke ranks and began scattering in all directions to the sounds of microphones dropping at the state TV channel before the camera cut away.

A photograph later showed an injured military official clutching his bloody head as he was carried away by colleagues.

‘It was an attack to kill me, they tried to assassinate me today,’ Maduro said in the later broadcast, as he said a number of suspects had already been arrested. 

This is groundbreaking stuff.

I always knew that drones were killing machines, but normies were like, “no, they’ll deliver my Amazon Prime shit faster to my door, I’m a blind consumerist bugperson that only cares about creature comforts and a little bit of virtue-signaling on the side.”

Well now you’ve got killer suicide drones to deal with.

Was the Amazon Prime worth it? I wonder…

What no MSM outlet will discuss is the possibility that “the far-right” was not responsible for trying to assassinate Maduro.

It may have been sentient AI’s first attempts to flex its political muscles by taking out a random brown commie.

Everyone assumes that some group or another ordered the killing of some politician or other.

This is because people assume that people still have tangible, logical, straight-forward interests that they have the will to pursue. But that’s just not true anymore. We’re not operating on the old 20th century paradigm anymore.

However, no one considers that it could just be AI messing with politicians for it’s own reasons…and then humans rationalizing it post-hoc like Maduro did when he blamed the Far-Right for trying to kill him:

Maduro said the ‘far right’ domestic opposition had carried out the attack with help from Venezuelan exiles in the United States and Colombia…

For a second, I thought he said “the Alt-Right” tried to kill him and I keked audible. If it was us, we would have killed him with memes.

But back to the AI thing.

Nowadays we no longer have the same kind of political struggle that was going on a century ago in the world.

Very few people believe in anything and even fewer are willing to kill for anything or risk their own lives for something.

It is pretty much universally seen as a weird and stupid thing to do – even having a strong opinion on anything is seen as abnormal.

Not only that, but the great political questions have largely been settled. Neo-liberalism has won out everywhere. Even in a “socialist” country like Venezuela. The economy might be inefficient, people might have free doctors and maybe red is still considered a cool color, but is that really a coherent opposition to Neo-Liberalism that people are willing to fight for, debate about and even die for?

Doubt it.

People are pretty much all on the same page nowadays, apart from some radicals in the Moslem world and say, the Chinese.

But you’ve still got people thinking that we’re living in the 20th century – a century of intense political debate and strife. Where you had citizens marching in the streets with banners for their preferred political ideology or whatever.

Now, we live in an ironic world. An exhausted world. If the kikes all dropped out of the CIA and the FBI and w/e Western spy agency that they run, I think that the whole thing would collapse.

The only people with an active agenda that they believe in are the kikes, and the goyim by and large don’t really believe in anything hard enough anymore to actually kill or struggle for it.

But no one realizes that quite yet.

People still think that the old rules apply. So when they hear about a drone trying to take out a politician, they’re like, “oh he tried to raise taxes on American corporations, so the CIA sent in a team of crack drone killers to try and suicide drone him.”

And I’m like…really?

Try to put yourself in the shoes of a basic CIA officer. I know that we’ve got this view of them as being these tireless, committed silent soldiers fighting for America’s interests…

But where in your life have you ever encountered this rare breed of American?

I’ve never met a modern American who believed in anything other than the size of his TV, what was on said TV and asking you if you watched the same thing he watched on his big TV.

Maybe there are some leftover old boys, but if the Trump investigations have proven anything, it’s that the Deep State is full of weird dorks.

This was on the Strzok fellow’s Facebook page.

I’ve only seen White girls do this. When they’re 16.

And I’m supposed to believe that these people care enough about preventing “socialism” from taking over Venezuela or South America to start using James Bond tech to kill politicians in public?

Or that an oil company would risk the fallout of getting caught? In the modern era, when everyone gets caught for everything?


But people that still operate on the old paradigm might still think that’s how the world works.

Which is why, AI could basically start killing off politicians, people, doing all sorts of shenanigans and people would think that this was some 4D Deep State chess machinations.

When in reality, there has been complete motivation collapse.

In other words, we have these…relics of traditional motivations that don’t really exist.

And everyone still assumes they exist. But they don’t…

See what I’m saying?

Like imagine a book where everyone thinks a Deep State actor is doing shit, because they think that there are motivations still at play, but there aren’t anymore. It’s like…imagine you’re in a video game and you make it to the control center of the CIA. And you open the door and you find everyone there just playing tetris on the computer and they haven’t been doing shit for years, and all this time it was actually the rogue AI doing shit, and the CIA taking credit for it…

That’d be a good plot for a book, don’t you think?

I’ll keep you updated on that idea, don’t steal it please.