Slavebucks: Jew Coffee Empire Caught Enslaving Colored People in Brazil!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 24, 2018

The Jew cries out for reparations for niggers as he enslaves niggers.

Starbucks kikes might be obsessed with making up for historical slavery in America by empowering evil niggers, but they aren’t concerned with modern slavery in Brazil, where they enslave niggers themselves to work on their plantations!

They will even CERTIFY these nigger slaves!

It’s almost as if Jewish people don’t care at all about nigger slavery, and simply pretend that they do in order to attack white people.

Monga Bay:

At first sight, the Córrego das Almas farm in Piumhi, in rural Minas Gerais state, seems to be a model property. “No slave or forced labor is allowed,” reads one of several signs that display international certifications — including one linked to the U.S.-based company Starbucks corporation.

But investigators have found that laborers on the farm’s coffee plantations were working under degrading conditions and living in substandard housing without sewerage or drinking water. A Ministry of Labor team inspection conducted at the site rescued 18 rural workers in conditions analogous to slavery.

The farm, locally known as Fartura (Portuguese for Abundance), also boasts the UTZ seal – a Netherlands-based sustainable farming certificate considered one of the most prestigious in the coffee industry. That seal of approval was suspended after the certifier was questioned by Repórter Brasil about the case.

The farm also holds the C.A.F.E. Practices certification — owned by Starbucks in partnership with SCS Global Services. After hearing of the raid, the two companies responsible for issuing the seal said they would review the farm’s quality certificate. The certifiers verify commodity supply chains in order to assure ethical purchases, good labor practices, and other criteria required by Starbucks and other retailers.


“We’ve enslaved niggers, you say? We’ll put that on the ‘things to review’ list.” t. Jew Starbucks

This is tantamount to… well, nothing, really.

It’s just par for the course.

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