Slavoj Zizek vs Jordan Peterson – “Debate of the Century”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 21, 2019

I didn’t watch this and probably won’t ever bother watching it.

But I’m posting it, because I assume some of you might want to watch it.

This article from The Guardian is probably accurate, for those who don’t want to watch it.

I really hate both Zizek and Peterson, but I will tell you, I hate Peterson a lot more.

At least Zizek on occasion says something slightly interesting, whereas Peterson is pretty much completely incomprehensible in his speech.

What Peterson does is a really cheap trick: he attaches the most basic and simple self-help material – the same stuff you can find in literally any single Tony Robbins lecture – with a load of purely nonsensical gibberish. The self-help material is fine. I have nothing against it. But again – you can get it anywhere.

Zizek is just a weirdo who relishes in being weird for the sake of being weird. And that is a very cringy bit that was only vaguely interesting in the 1960s when people first started doing it, and is now just tiresome. But when you are trying to say weird things for the sake of saying weird things, you’re eventually going to hit on something.

I don’t know.

Maybe I’ll watch it and write a proper review.

I probably won’t.

I would have much preferred that they fight physically, in the Octagon, and that also would have lead to more philosophical enlightenment.

I think Zizek would have won and I think Peterson would literally start crying.

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