Slimebag Jeff Flake Says Muh Values Threatened by Trump Supporters Wanting to Lock Up Wench Clinton!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 12, 2018

The sickening traitor and scummy elevator romancer Jeff Flake did a C-SPAN interview which should have been normal.

Instead, he went off the rails, saying people who want to lock-up the criminal mastermind Hillary Clinton are “disturbing.”

He furthermore said that he hopes someone runs against Trump in the GOP primary in 2020… because he fears for the values and the directions.

“Conservative values” are something that can only exist in an environment of decadence.

We are no longer in an environment of decadence as a people. We are in survival mode.

Jeff Flake is still in an environment of decadence, so he doesn’t seem to grasp just how much it turns off the majority of white Americans to be taking what is increasingly looking like a coming civil war type scenario so lightly, and wanting to give over so much more ground to a violent mob.

Here he is saying he would have had to “pay costs” – implying some kind of spiritual betrayal of himself – in order to support Trump.

This guy is sick.

The good news is, no one cares anymore.

Conservatism is now dead, forever. We now have a new thing called populism, which is opposed to globalism.

Jeff Flake was a conservative and a globalist, but you cannot be a populist and a globalist, because the people do not want globalism.

The Democrat Party is the globalist party, and if he wants to be a “global citizen,” he can go join the globalist party.