Slovakian Nationalists Lose Governorship But Gain National Support

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2017

The Western renaissance is in full swing, and this lost battle doesn’t mean we’re not winning the war.

In little Slovakia, the People’s Party has come out of nowhere to become the third largest party in the country with 10% support.

In 2014, Jews gave out a collective global hiss when People’s Party leader Marian Kotleba was elected governor of one of Slovakia’s eight provinces. Since then, (((international people))) have bribed and pressured all the corrupt institutional parties on the left and right to collude to dislodge him.

They succeeded in this task, but at the cost of exposing themselves as rigged scumbags who don’t believe in anything. Communists and conservatives working together? Ya don’t say!


The far-right People’s Party-Our Slovakia lost Saturday’s regional elections, turning the Central European country against the trend of far-right gains in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic in recent months.

Right-wing and anti-immigrant parties have been on the rise across Europe after years of slow economic growth and the arrival of more than a million migrants and refugees from the Middle East and Africa.

Slovakia’s economy has boomed and the country has seen little immigration, but rising public anger over graft scandals linked to conventional parties has generated support for fringe parties and protest groups.

Regional election four years ago saw a surprising first-time victory of People’s Party chairman Marian Kotleba as governor in Banska Bystrica, central Slovakia, and his party won 8 percent of the vote and its first-ever seats in national parliament last year.

Support for the party, which has launched a petition to hold a referendum to exit the EU and NATO, has since risen to about 10 percent, making it the third strongest group after leftist Smer and euroskeptic liberals, according to opinion polls.

On Saturday, Kotleba lost the reelection bid to an entrepreneur Jan Lunter, a non-partisan endorsed by all parties except the far-right, near-complete results from the Statistics Office showed on Sunday.

Kotleba’s right hand, the party’s deputy chairman Milan Uhrik also lost the governor’s race in the southwestern Nitra region.

Kotleba and two other lawmakers are facing extremism charges and prosecutors took steps in May to ban the entire party, saying it posed a threat to Slovakia’s democratic system.

The party, whose members have organized torch-lit marches wearing black uniforms modeled on a World War Two Nazi puppet state, denies any links to fascism. Last year they started patrolling trains, some carrying legally-held weapons, in regions with a strong Roma population.

So even through police repression and the machine consolidating to stop them, they’re still growing.

Their secret? Kotleba gets up on the soap box and stands up for the people! The People’s Party is active in helping the poor, disabled and elderly, and is willing to physically confront Gypsy organized crime that is a plague in countries like this.

30 years into the neo-liberal experiment, and most of Eastern Europe is starting to realize blue jeans and The Beatles weren’t all that great after all. No matter how much Slovakia’s economy “grows” (through European Union strings-attached loans), it’s always going to have massive unemployment and corruption problems under its ruling plutocratic clique.

The problem isn’t some individual economic policy or politician – the problem is the whole damn system!

I’m honestly astonished their government has staved off the European Union “migrant quotas” for this long. That goes to show just how afraid these animated turds are of their own people.

Go Kotleba Go!