Smart THOT-Patrolling Crocodile Jumps Up an 8ft Wall to Eat Female Scientist: SUCCEEDS

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 15, 2019

Wild animals are stepping up their THOT-patrolling game to gain time for us so we get our shit together. An obese slut was recently eaten by a majestic lion, and now the competitive spirit of crocodiles prompted this noble specimen to figure out an unexpected way to eat a whore “scientist.”

Daily Mail:

An Indonesian scientist is believed to have been eaten alive by a crocodile, after it attacked her while she was feeding it at the lab where she worked.

Deasy Tuwo, 44, is thought to have been dragged into the enclosure by the 17ft-long crocodile when she was throwing meat into the pool during feeding time on Friday morning.

The crocodile, called Merry, was found with Ms Tuwo’s remains still in its jaws at the research facility in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Officials believe Merry the crocodile stood on its hind legs and jumped up the 8ft wall to drag her into the pool. 

Horrified staff at the facility, named CV Yosiki Laboratory, made the grim discovery later that morning, when they noticed a ‘strange shape’ in the water.

They then saw the crocodile laying on the ground with Ms Tuwo’s savaged body in its jaws.

The dedication of special THOT Patrol ops crocodile Merry is admirable.

Pictured above: Merry the crocodile.

The reptile, who is fed fresh chicken, tuna and meat every day, has been known to attack other crocodiles in the past, but no fears had been raised it may attack humans.

He didn’t attack a human though.

Merry was captured today in the city of Tomohon and was pictured strapped to a flat-bed truck to be taken for medical tests to confirm that he had eaten the body parts.

This crocodile made an example out of that whore, showing that women should be the ones caged, not him, and certainly not any other wild animal.

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