Smath the Beetleth! Cunk Cunk Cunk!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 12, 2018

Will there actually be a war between Russia and the US?

It’s a solid “maybe” at this point.

Some Russian experts who are more or less aligned with our way of thinking are worried that Russia is giving too much ground up.

You see, it turns out, give too much ground up is just as dangerous as actually retaliating. Yeah, go figure.

Anyways, let me explain.

America has been… well, smashing beetles all over the world with relative ease for years now. Not one of these beetles has ever really put up much resistance. Few have done more than leave a prick of blood on Uncle Sam’s little finger.

What kind of mentality does that engender?

All the time, I hear about how USA is #1!!!! But no one ever really explains why. Maybe, they’ll say that the US military spends more than all the other militaries in the world combined and that the US has never lost a war [Editor’s Note: Vietnam.].

So then, again, if the US military is unbeatable, then surely, it will beat Russia!

After all, Russia is a decrepit, AIDS-riddled country full of krokodil and vodka-addicts. America is healthy and getting stronger every day. The population is growing, military-spending never stops rising, and the economy is doing great. Remember Iraq? Afghanistan? Gulf War 1.0? Those other countries we beat?

Cunk! Cunk! Cunk! Smashed ’em!

Why should Russia be any different?

Honestly, I don’t think that Russia can be beaten. Not in a ground war of any seriousness.

They’ve got these neat new war toys, a reforming military, but most importantly, they’ve still got a warlike semi-coherent national culture.

The entire national mythos of Russia is based on surviving the entire combined might of Europe being thrown at them during the Great Fatherland War.

Even now, Russians would be willing to fight a serious war out and tough it out.

But apart from a few eager beaver divisions of hardcore Nazi-type volunteers from Eastern Europe and the Baltics, I can’t imagine that anyone else would actually be willing to sacrifice lives and exchange casualties with Russia.

But does the US know that?

Every time they’ve provoked Russia and essentially slapped Russia across the face, the Russians have backed down.

And perhaps this is part of their mentality. They’re like the kid who gets pushed around at school, keeps quiet and with no warning comes in with a gun one day. They’ve got a total war switch, and very little of that machismo to warn you about what’s coming. And like I’ve said before, they are willing to incur insane costs.

Can we say the same about the US?

Because what happens when the US decides to smash yet another beetle, only to find out that this motherfucking beetle just left a deep bloody scar running the entire length of the arm.

Ever see a super-strong retard recoil after hurting themselves? I have. It was like something from a movie. It started howling and freaking out. Scared the shit out of me.

I imagine that it would be a similarly shocking moment for the US – a country that has only suffered 5k casualties in more than a decade of fighting and whose entire doctrine assumes complete domination.

And I think that’s what’s going to happen eventually.

Because, at this point, despite all the good that Trump is trying to do, you’ve got a situation where one side thinks that they’ve won and that the other side should roll over. US ===> Russia.

And the other side doesn’t think so. They’ve still got some fight in them. Unlike last time though, there’s no chance that Russia will lay down their arms and try to be buddy-buddy with the US. This time, they know the score.

Hopefully, the confrontation is avoided.

I do, however, seem to detect a growing consensus around the following hypothesis among Russian talking head pundits:

  1. Americans seem to think they have an overwhelmingly superior military
  2. They won’t treat us with respect so long as they (wrongly) assume so
  3. We need to show them what we are capable of
  4. It has to be flashy and powerful enough to shock them, but not enough to provoke a nuclear war
  5. Perhaps massive drills will do the trick?
  6. If that doesn’t work, perhaps we will have to take more drastic measures?

Otherwise, well, the US might think that Russia is just another helpless beetle. Smash it!! Painlessly – or so the US assumes.

If Russia doesn’t want to go full scorched earth, gun to school, pitbull snapping randomly and eating a child… well, they’re going to have to give a sign to convince the US that they can’t just be smashed. That it will hurt.