Smirk Nationalism: Poway Synagogue Shooter Scares Journalists in Courtroom

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2019

Journalists are universally reviled in modern society. What’s worse, they are soft targets. They are terrified that one day, people will start shooting at them, and not at heavily protected synagogues.

They think that reporting on John Earnest’s smirk will somehow invoke sympathy for their precarious plight.

But, somehow, I doubt that.

Fox 5 News:

The 19-year-old man charged with killing one person and injuring three others a synagogue in Poway shuffled into a San Diego courtroom Thursday showing little emotion.

The hearing lasted only about 5 minutes, but John Earnest stared down reporters on at least three occasions and smirked twice. Other than that, he showed no emotion as his attorney asked a judge for more time to prepare for a pretrial hearing that was originally scheduled for Aug. 19. The attorney told the judge he need extra time, because he needs to go through about 7,500 pages of evidence and testimony.

Smirking has always been associated with White Nationalism and giving zero fucks.

All the kids nowadays are defiantly smirking at their enemies. This is because all the kids are unironically ironic Neon-Nazis.

It’s clear that the Jews are going to try to make Smirk Nationalism illegal now because their journalists got their feelings hurt.

To do this, they must smear the time-honored American tradition of smirking and associate it with racism. This is what this story is about – it’s a push to criminalize smirking and not allow White people to do it to the privileged classes anymore.

Then, they’ll come for grimaces as well.

Oh and another thing: these long trials are a travesty.

It’s not just that they’re a huge waste of time and money, but all they seem to do is give the illusion that the system is hard at work making sure no stone is unturned and doing its best to ensure that every law is painstakingly followed, no matter the cost.

The right to a fair and expedient trial exists only on the books now.