SMITED and Arrested: UK Wine Aunt In Trouble Because Brown People Don’t Like Her

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2018

Don’t get too sad reading the headline.

This lady really had it coming. 

And it’s poetic justice, really. Like a lot of pit bull owners, these shitlibs are always the first to get mauled by their brown pets and then again by the same laws that they championed to use against people like us.


Airline crew on long haul flights have a tough job as it is, but abusive passengers can make an already stressful time much worse for all on board, as was the case in a bizarre, alcohol-fuelled rant caught on camera last week.

An as yet unidentified 50-year-old woman launched a disgraceful, entitled and vitriolic tirade against Air India cabin crew who refused to serve her more wine on a flight from Mumbai to London’s Heathrow Airport Saturday. Mobile phone footage reportedly shot by a crew member of the shocking diatribe has gone viral online.

Actually, she’s been identified. It didn’t take long for a brown journifa to dox her and expose her as the evil White racist she really is.

He didn’t feel a lick of solidarity with her, despite the Indian shit she’s wearing. I bet that stings the worst for her. Not being accepted by the browns.

Yep, just a typical middle-aged white wahman who hates her own culture and her own race and LARPs as a primitive from a culture browner than hers.

Also, a two-month vacation in Goa from working oh so hard helping the poor Palestinians at some NGO presumably, how nice.

Here’s the kicker.

“You treat business class passengers like this? I work for all you f***ing people… But you won’t give me a glass of wine,” the woman shouts.

She’s also shouting about how she helps “the fucking Rohingyas, the fucking people of all Asia!”

And then she claims that she does it for free, and that she should at least get a glass of wine for her troubles.

Bellowing at the admirably stoic staff, the passenger went on to claim to be an international human rights lawyer who has “f***ing helped Palestinian people.”


You know, I’m basically at the point where I’ve rejected the “pathological altruist” argument about why white NPCs are such cucks.

These white traitors aren’t pathological altruists. They’re mean and spiteful little creatures who help the brown enemy to get back at normal white people (for a myriad of reasons) and to raise their social status.

Furthermore, they do what they do because they want their heads to be lopped off last. And they’ve already surrendered mentally because they’re craven cowards, so they try to collect as many GoodWhite points as they can because they think it will save them from the brown horde…

When the browns don’t show their gratitude, they cry out, “there’s been a mistake! I’m one of you!”

And then they get arrested for racism! Because they live in the Occupied Isles!

“At approximately 1.30pm on Saturday, 10 November, a 50-year-old woman was arrested…on suspicion of racially aggravated public order, common assault and drunk and disorderly and taken to a west London police station,” a police spokesperson told


The UK is so bad, I don’t even risk connecting flights in Heathrow anymore.

It is truly an island of nightmares at this point.

Not even shitlib old white wahmen are immune to CrimeThink laws there.

They used to be immune, but clearly this not the case anymore – even in America, tbh. Every week now there’s a story involving some White woman getting filmed for saying “racist” things and getting liferuined for it.

That used to be a purely straight White man thing, but I guess most men have long learned the fine art of biting their tongues. These dumb bitches have had it so good for so long, they’re genuinely shocked by this change in the media’s tactics.

Fuck the media… but fuck these dumb old bitches harder.