Smug Mudshark Gets Baboon’d by Her Bloated Black Husband

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2019

Samuel Lee Scott and Marcia Johnson.

Look at that uppity, self-righteous bitch.

She probably presumed that all those shit tests that white men tolerate for some reason – constant bitching and nagging, feminist rants, threats of divorce – would also be tolerated by her crude prehistoric pet.


Fox 2 Now:

A woman is dead after she was beaten in her apartment. The man accused of killing Marcia Johnson, 54, was able to bond out of jail just before the beating. Now, Samuel Lee Scott, 54, has been charged with murder.

Marcia was found with a severe head injury on the night of April 9th inside a south city apartment on Wisconsin Avenue that she shared with her husband, Samuel Lee Scott. A family member found Marcia. She was rushed to the hospital, but police say she died five days later from her injuries.

The family member says Marcia, “Had brain damage, she suffered broken bones, ribs, multiple bones in her face.”

Scott was arrested and charged on April 5th with misdemeanor domestic assault for allegedly hitting Marcia on “the right side of her face with his fist” in January. The documents say he, “admitted having struck her.”

The court documents show Scott had been charged with misdemeanor assault for an attack in January.