So Basically, Boris Johnson is Just Going to be Run Out of Office

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 29, 2019

I had predicted that Boris would not do Brexit. But I was picturing him like, pretending to try to do it and then being like “oh sorry mate, just can’t do it.”

Instead, he tried to do it for real… and he’s just getting run out of office rapidly.

They’ve forced him to apologize to the queen.

New York Post:

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has personally apologized to the Queen for asking her to approve the unlawful suspension of the House of Commons, The Times of London reported Sunday.

Johnson made his mea culpa on Tuesday, after a British court found that the five-week suspension he had ordered violated the law.

“He got on to the Queen as quickly as possible to say how sorry he was,” an insider told the newspaper.

And they’re investigating him over some weird sex/corruption scandal.

NBC News:

Embattled British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing a potential probe into his alleged ties to a U.S. businesswoman.

Authorities in London asked the country’s police watchdog Friday to decide whether there are grounds to investigate Johnson for misconduct in public office.

The referral was sent to the Independent Office for Police Conduct. It cites allegations that Jennifer Arcuri and her business received favorable treatment, including access to trade missions and sponsorship money, as a result of her friendship with Johnson while he served as mayor of London.

“These are the ingredients of the offence of misconduct in a public office,” said the Greater London Authority’s monitoring office, which oversees the conduct of the city’s government officials.

“Subject to any explanation provided by you, these matters give rise to a suggestion that there has been a failure to safeguard the public purse and if so that amounts to a significant breach of public trust,” the referral said.

A spokesperson for Johnson told NBC News Saturday that “The Prime Minister as Mayor of London did a huge amount of work when selling our capital city around the world, beating the drum for London and the UK. Everything was done with propriety and in the normal way.”

Johnson’s supporters denounce the referral as a politically motivated attack launched just before his ruling Conservative Party’s annual conference.

The city authority that launched the complaint is led by Mayor Sadiq Khan, a Labour Party official.

Yes, of course.

Sadiq Khan the true defender of British values.

May Allah remember his trials and tribulations in the name of the sacred Caliphate of Britain.

If the parliament scandal and the corruption scandal don’t stick, in comes the next scandal and the next until you have an election and a full open borders Labour government.

With, of course, a second referendum.