Soaked Beans: Mother in Peru Locks Daughters in Water Tank

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 13, 2019

Rosa Alccahua Huamán, 29. 

The video below shows cops rescuing the two daughters an average Peruvian mother locked in a water tank. You can also see a bit of everyday Peru there with all those broken and unfinished buildings and the overall precariousness of everything.

They do say you have to soak beans before cooking them.

Take a good look. You see it? That’s the power of the cursed soil.

Daily Mail:

This is the terrifying moment cops manage to pull two girls from a water tank after their mother allegedly locked them inside.

Rosa Alccahua Huamán, 29, was arrested Saturday after neighbors reported the mother-of-three for the harsh form of punishment she reportedly handed her two daughters, ages two and 10.

She was charged with exposure to endangerment and animal cruelty.

Villagers also told cops Alccahua Huamán tossed her children’s pet dog from the third floor of the family home Puente Piedra, a district in Lima, Peru.

The dog landed on a flight of steps but survived the cruel treatment.

Brown people never really developed a relationship with dogs like we historically did. They have no built-in empathy for dogs, which is part of the reason why Subamerica’s streets are full of strays.

Dogs are man’s best friend, and “man” is a word reserved for white men.

We developed a pretty good relationship with dogs, and even though they appear to be useless for the average city dweller, they’re not. Dogs will never go out of style, and you’ll be thankful to have one by your side once shit hits the fan.

Peruvian TV station Antenna 3 reported that Alccahua Huamán had beaten her two daughters and forced them to climb down inside the steel structure, which is located on the roof of their home.  

The concerned residents also told the responding officers that it wasn’t the first time Alccahua Huamán had confined her daughters inside the tank, which holds up 1,100 liters of water.

I’m surprised there’s some Peruvian neighbors there that are against the water tank treatment. From the footage it is pretty clear that that is a cursed land inhabited by jungle monsters.

The lady says that the girl has climbed on her own, but how is she going to get up if she is two years old and the tank is big, it holds 1,100 liters, and it even took the policeman time getting in there,’ a police source said.

The 10-year-old child told investigators that her mother never beat her and it was a prank on their part to climb into the tank. 

Neighbors say the mother beats them regularly and that it wasn’t the first time she locked her daughters in the tank, the older daughter says it was all just a prank, bro.

Who do you believe?

You may have to answer a question like that soon after this year’s caravans arrive and your neighborhood is packed full of these people.

Beans inside water tanks are going to become a thing in America unless the Wall is built.