Sociopathic Zombie Wife Stabbed to Death by Abused Husband

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 3, 2018

Woman are so out of control now that I simply cannot find within myself a morsel of pity for this dead woman.

Yes, that’s right, stone-cold dead.

Her husband snapped and knifed her.


Melanie Clark couldn’t resist mocking her husband about the size of his pint-sized penis.

And she openly flaunted her lesbian affair with a much younger woman, going so far as to have sex with her while David Clark slept on the couch.

But after downing three bottles of Prosecco followed by shots of whiskey, the pair began arguing and Clark, 49, stabbed her to death in their home near Birmingham, U.K.

Short and sweet. This is the meat – heh – of the story, the rest is details.

Idk if this story is even true. You gotta be on your guard for fake news, the fake news tells me so.

But would it surprise anyone that some bitch drove her husband to the brink of his sanity and he murdered her?

No, I don’t think so.

Women love to nag men. This is biologically ingrained in them as a way of contending with a physically superior being that can snap their neck. However, if they don’t want to get beaten to within an inch of their life, they usually try to keep that shit under wraps.

Honestly, this ginger could have just slapped her a couple of times

You never know when you might drive your hubby to snap. Every man has a snapping point.

Also, every man has a weak point. An emotional chink in his armor. It might be a bad relationship with his mother, a complex regarding his appearance – although that’s rarer with men – or just some unresolved thing in his life that bothers him and that he foolishly shared with a woman in the post-coitus afterglow.

Women always push on those weak points. And if a man isn’t a slick, emotionally-savvy dark triad type, he’s completely at her mercy.

Lads, you probably shouldn’t stab your gf or wife. She’s supposed to be your property to do with as you please. Why would you bang up your nice TV just because you’re mad at Jake Tapper? That’s money you spent and the effort of setting it up, the time you spent that you’re just flushing down the toilet.

Makes no sense.

Even if your woman literally deserves to be stabbed to death, you probably shouldn’t do it. I mean, I’m not even talking about the whole going to jail thing that you might face. That’s no fun.

But in principle, it’s retarded to break your own shit.

On the other hand, women have become complete sociopaths that collectively deserve to be punished and punished severely. They don’t even look like women anymore.

Heartiste found an interesting photo. Who here looks like the high-T one?


And below we have the guy who stabbed the wife.


You’ve got this phenomenon of low-T men and high-T women sweeping through the West. These bitches are becoming predators. And men are becoming their prey.

But eventually, their prey snaps and fights back.

Think about 28 Days Later.

I find myself coming back to this film now that I understand what it was really about: modern relationships.

You’ve got the casual thing that the black chick and the original survivor have going on. It ends up with an abrupt dismembering and the hook-up buddy man getting hacked to death.

In other words, the hook-up buddy fling that turns into an emotional psycho bitch scenario.

Jim, the new guy, starts having a kind of mother-son type relationship with the black chick. She’s telling him shit like, “don’t drink soda and candy, you’ll have a sugar crash” and guiding him through the new world.

She wears the pants in the relationship and Jim trails after her like a lost puppy.

All around them, you’ve got zombies spraying blood out of their you know whats and trying to infect people with AIDS or the Rage virus. Kind of like a woman’s period. Full of rage and emotional and out of control. It’s gross and potentially infections and it happens every month. Almost every twenty-eight days you might say.

Then you’ve got the manerbund that the survivor soldiers have going on. These guys live without women. But that just leads to one of the soldiers becoming the dress-wearing cook and designated bottom for the company. Shit gets gay real fast.

The leader decides to then share the women who have stumbled onto their base. A kind of vaginal communism to restore order in a Femin- I mean Zombie-infected world.

There’s no traditional family unit anywhere in the story. And as a result, everyone is miserable. The soldiers try to reinstate order – a traditional patriarchy of sorts, but fail.

The women just aren’t into it. They’re too damaged and drugged-up. One has a terrible dating history and the young one who should be fine, is getting high on Xanax already.

Near the end of the film, Jim finally becomes a man instead of a mewling emo kid, only to have his main bitch level a gun at him.

As I’m writing this I finally find the video I got the theory from:

Modern relationships are all manner of fucked up.

When you think about it, a man stabbing his wife to death seems pretty tame compared to all the crazy stuff we have going on.

She was probably just doing crazy zombie-feminist PMS shit on her period and he had to put her down, tbh.

Is this man really to blame for his wife becoming a raging monster with a brain infected by Jewish poison?

No. Clearly not.

In every zombie movie EVER, the characters have to make tough decisions and kill the infected – even though they don’t want to.

All I know is – I would never want to be in this man’s position. I don’t condone, but I can probably understand why he did what he did.

She would have devoured him if he didn’t do something.