Solid Take on the Alex Jones Shut Down

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 7, 2018

Perhaps all my bullying of the Russians is finally sinking in.

They published a solid op-ed by Nebojsa Malic, the Serbian editor of RT America, decrying what happened to Alex Jones.


The US Constitution explicitly forbids government censorship. So Silicon Valley big-tech companies made themselves the gatekeepers of ‘goodthink,’ de-platforming anyone who runs afoul of their arbitrary ‘community standards.’

These are some fighting words.

Alex Jones, the host of InfoWars, has often been derided by establishment media as a conspiracy theorist. Yet on Monday, Apple, Spotify, YouTube and Facebook proved right the motto of his show – “There’s a war on for your mind!” – by blocking or deleting InfoWars accounts from their platforms, saying he allegedly engaged in “hate speech” and violated their “community standards.”

Simply put, these corporations appointed themselves arbiters of acceptable political thought, and censored Jones for failing to comply with arbitrary political standards set in Silicon Valley boardrooms, not at the ballot box.

That they did, that they did.

What we have now is rule by Silicon Valley bugmen.

The First Amendment to the US Constitution says that Congress shall make no law “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” There is no “hate speech” exemption, either. In fact, hate speech is not even a legal category in the US. However, a chorus of voices all too glad Jones was purged immediately chimed up to argue that Apple, Alphabet, Facebook and Spotify are private companies and this does not apply to them. 

Ah yes, the libertardians must be celebrating now.

I can hear them clapping from here.

In a separate but obviously related case, a federal judge used the “designated public forum” definition to demand that President Donald Trump allow critics access to his personal Twitter account – not the official @POTUS one – because he is a public official.

However, if social media platforms are a “designated public forum” that government is not allowed to exclude people from on First Amendment grounds, how is it OK for corporations that operate these platforms to do so? Or is chilling dissent, warping conversation and skewing perception only bad when a government actor does it, thereby creating a legal system in which the what is irrelevant, and the only thing that matters is who/whom?

Wow. This guy is really taking the lolbergs to task.

But it gets better. He takes Liberals to task as well.

Liberals were once all for free speech, starting a movement by that name at Berkeley in the 1960s. Now that the media and academia overwhelmingly march in lockstep with the Democratic Party, however, they’re all about “no-platforming” opposing views and calling them “hate speech,” all in an effort to limit the range of permissible thought and expression in America.

Yes, yes, yes.

This ideological conflict in American society actually goes back years, maybe even decades. However, the victory of Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US presidential election, even though most of the media and all of the Silicon Valley were #WithHer, flushed it out in the open. Democrats quickly latched onto a claim of “Russian meddling,” intended to delegitimize Trump’s presidency but also, as it turns out, create an excuse for corporate censorship. 

Big corporations are always going to be anti-Nationalist because they want to level all barriers and borders that mess with their profits.

That’s just how it works.

Worse, as we’ve seen with the whole Starbucks thing, big companies aren’t even all about profits anymore as much as they are about virtue-signaling.

Late-stage capitalism is more concerned with promoting globo-homo values then actual profits…who would have thought?

This isn’t about how much one likes or dislikes Alex Jones or InfoWars. This is about corporations deciding for you what you should be allowed to hear, read, say or think – and the people normally criticizing such behavior cheering it on, because it suits their political agenda.

As Jones’s colleague Paul Joseph Watson put it, “The great censorship purge has truly begun.”

Ask not for whom the censorship bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

Well, first it tolled for the Daily Stormer, now it’s tolling for InfoWars and the NRA and soon it will be tolling for everybody not onboard with Globo-Homo.

All these articles on censorship still fail to find the starting point, the first example of corporate censorship that started this all.

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