Somebody Did Something. What Do You Want? It’s Part and Parcel.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2019

Six months ago, a synagogue in Pittsburgh got shot up. A month ago, a mosque in New Zealand got shot up. Yesterday, a synagogue in California got shot up.

It is time for Jews and Moslems alike to stop whining about this, and simply accept that their religious institutions being shot up by angry white men is part and parcel of living in a Western multicultural country.

From this site’s inception, I have consistently preached a message of nonviolence. I have argued that education is the key to change, and that we need to work toward an ability to have a public dialogue on the detrimental role that Jews play in Western society.

I have never been thanked for this. When the SPLC and other Jewish groups and publications have mentioned that I “claim to be against violence,” they say it is a trick, and I am doing it to stay inside of the law. This is simply an obvious lie, because I am well within my rights as an American to call for acts of violence if I so wish. It’s called Brandenburg v. Ohio, and the Jews know about it.

Instead of thanking me for attempting to steer young people away from violence and into positive action to change the nature of the public conversation, the Jews have continually blamed me for violence. They have used the “his speech is violence” argument to make me the most censored person ever in history.

The Jews have censored my message of nonviolence, and they have censored everyone everywhere who attempts to have any kind of discussion about what they are doing. And so now their mosques and synagogues are getting shot up, and I don’t care.

I am going to continue to hold a position of nonviolence and seek open dialogue. But i’m not going to apologize for Jews and Moslems getting shot, nor am I going to pretend that this is somehow avoidable, given the dynamics of the West’s current Jewish-dominated culture of stifling and silencing all dissent while being in the process of exterminating the white race and tearing down the last vestiges of White Christian civilization.

This is all mechanical at this point.

Jews couldn’t resist taking over Western civilization. Once in control, they couldn’t resist destroying the people that created that civilization, using attacks on the family, attacks on the race, attacks on the sexual norms, attacks on everything that they could manage to attack. And then they couldn’t resist silencing, through censorship and lawfare, anyone who questioned their outrageous behavior.

No one requested any of this. There was not a referendum. We were not asked if we wanted to be a part of insane civilization-scale experiment in malicious social engineering.

It is ridiculous to try to imagine a situation in which there was not a violent backlash.

It was inevitable that a return to religion would be a part of this violent backlash. And we saw that in John Earnest’s manifesto.

Religion justifies a need to fight and die, and just so, a need to fight and die justifies religion.

You’re going to see more of that.


Maybe my attempts to call for peaceful, open dialogue have always been naive.

Maybe this was always going to end in a bloody mess.

Maybe it is God’s will that it all end in a bloody mess.

Though I certainly hope that is not the case, I do not pretend to know the will of God.

What I do know is that this isn’t going to stop.

The kids are angry now, because Jews took everything from them. Though I don’t agree with violent actions, it’s impossible for me not to sympathize. And I have a feeling that when Brenton Tarrant and John Earnest stand before Saint Peter, he will share my sentiment.

Regular attacks on synagogues and mosques are now part and parcel.

And Jews and Moslems are just going to have to deal with it.