Sons of El Chapo Now Leading His Drug Cartel – Drone Strike Mexico!

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
November 4, 2018

Ivan and Alfredo Guzman.

What did they expect? The organization to disappear because they have their leader in custody? So naive.

New York Post:

Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin Guzman “El Chapo” Loera may be going on trial tomorrow in Brooklyn federal court, but the billion dollar cartel he founded is still flourishing under the direction of his two favorite sons.

His two favorites? How many does he have?

Guzman, who is believed to be 61 years old, has 15 children, according to published reports.

At least 15 kids,” said the federal source. “There may be more.”

Plenty of heads to cut off from that snake, that’s for sure.

The Oct. 28 communication to Federal Judge Brian Cogan goes on to deliver a dire warning regarding the safety of any witnesses. who testify against the drug lord at the trial: “There is no doubt that the defendant and his cartel have the capability, the resources and the will to harm cooperating witnesses and their families, even after they have been relocated.”

The brothers have engaged in significant violence,” said a former Drug Enforcement Administration source. “They have ambushed military people and they still have the resources to affect witnesses.”

Mexican authorities have yet to confiscate Guzman’s assets, and the family has access to hundreds of millions in the proceeds of drug smuggling, the federal source told The Post.

“Mexican authorities” is a contradiction.

The cartels have more resources than the Mexican government.

The Mexican army has been fighting them for years and not winning.

For their part, Ivan and Alfredo make no secret of the cash they control, and regularly show up at the hottest bars and high-end shopping centers in Guadalajara, the federal source told The Post.

They travel in armored cars but they don’t have an entourage of bodyguards,” the federal source told The Post. “They seem unafraid.”

Mexico is no man’s land.

Since the kidnapping, the brothers increasingly like to travel by private plane, the source said. At one time, they assembled a fleet of airplanes for the Sinaloa cartel to rival AeroMexico, court papers say. The planes were also used to transport drugs.

“It was a huge enterprise,” said the federal source. “They had something like 30 pilots and 30 airplane mechanics on their payroll.”

From 2006 to 2015, Mexican authorities seized a total of 599 planes from the Sinaloa cartel that flew among a network of nearly 5,000 clandestine airstrips, according to the daily El Universal.

Mudmanoids are successful entrepreneurs. Let them in, you’ll see!

According to Mexican authorities, Alfredo, who they described as “one of the main leaders of the Sinaloa cartel,” was in charge of buying the aircraft, mainly in midwestern US states through an American associate in order to avoid suspicion. Only Americans or permanent residents are allowed to buy aircraft in this country, according to Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

Yeah, head-cutting ain’t gonna do it for this snake, pal. It’s too slow, not enough DPS to counter the reptile’s HP regeneration.

This is a job for plyometrics.


Plyometrics, also known as jump training or plyos, are exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power (speed-strength).

By plyometrics, I mean bombing the shit out of them.

The Mexican Military needs America’s help.

America needs to kill El Chapo’s sons with drone strikes.

You don’t need to be killing middle-easterners with drones for the Jews.

You can kill mestizo cartel thugs with drones – for America.

America cannot weigh itself down using the judicial system to get witnesses and evidence against cartel thugs.

Cartel thugs are enemy combatants.

Everything these creatures do is about death. Even their games.

We have to look at cost-effective solutions.

America has always been an Imperial country.

Her potential was wasted in Europe and in Asia, in World Wars, in the Middle East and in Vietnam and Korea, where supply lines are long and old powers are strong.

America has always been waging wars, just to stay sharp.

Now is time for America to use what it has learned in those foreigner wars, and begin a modern, American-style war against the cartel element in Mexico.

It’s time to for America to go “Yemen style” on the cartels.

It’s time to assist the Mexican military, which has fought the cartels for years.

It’s time for America to make the Mexican government an offer it can’t refuse.