Sorry, Babs – If Men Could Get Pregnant, They Would Only Do It When They Wanted To

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 19, 2019

Jewess Barbara Streisand is following the same Jew program we’ve heard about for decades, saying that if men could get pregnant, abortion would be done at Walmart and be totally paid for by the government.

In actual fact, the dumbest men are not as stupid as women. Not even anywhere close. So if sex were reversed – which is a weird, stupid question to begin with, but okay – then men would only get pregnant when they wanted to. The idea of an accident so big as an accidental pregnancy happening to a man is simply outrageously absurd.

Birth control pills work nearly 100% of the time. Condoms work 100% of the time.

All men already know that a woman can destroy a man’s life if he gets her pregnant, so none of these supposed accidental pregnancies are the fault of men. This entire thing is on women, as it is their responsibility. Women are so stupid, they forget to take their birth control pills, or they lie and tell men they are on birth control pills when they’re not, because they want to cause the drama of a pregnancy on purpose.

Furthermore, here’s something that women try to stop men from knowing, because if men knew it they would realize how base and stupid women actually are: they can only get pregnant for 5 days per month. You can shoot a full ultra-load straight into a bitch who is not on birth control 23 of every 28 days – 82.1% of all days – and it has more or less a zero chance of resulting in pregnancy.

Women are literally drooling retards who cannot handle a single adult responsibility. Not even the most obvious one of not getting knocked up by strangers.

It is more or less completely impossible for a man to even begin to grasp just how stupid a bitch actually is, and thus all men are in some form of denial about this issue. If men knew how stupid they are – literally dumber than niggers – then they would all feel like completely pathetic wastes caring about what a woman thinks of them.

Every time I see some sloppy skinny-fat metro-homo talking about how he pleases a woman so well, how women love him, how he makes them come – I’m like “what are you, some kind of a faggot? Why on earth would you care what a woman thinks?”

Going around bragging about how women love you is literally like saying “people with Down syndrome think I’m interesting.”