South Africa: Gang of Machete-Wielding Kaffirs Attack White Farm

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 14, 2018

It’s been almost 25 years since the end of apartheid, and these South African niggers still haven’t realized that killing the people who feed the country is a bad idea.

South Africa Today:

A farm attack took place on Lustigan road, Paarl in the Western Cape on 10 December 2018. Five masked attackers with machetes and knives attacked three victims of whom two were elderly, assaulted them and tied them up. Several firearms were robbed during the attack. Drakenstein Farm watch reacted swiftly with several other security firms and the SA Police Service.

Over the last week, several attempts of housebreakings on farms farm were reported in Nieuwe Drift, Perdeberg and last night, the 10th of December 2018, the alleged same group of attackers were successful in attacking a secure farm on the Lustigan Road in Paarl.

Around 21:30, the group of at least five attackers wearing balaclavas, entered the main farmhouse. Inside an elderly couple and their daughter were enjoying the evening and were suddenly confronted by the attackers, they were tied down and an 1.5 hour ordeal began.

The entire house was ransacked and the efforts were focused on the gun safe. Various items were taken including all firearms were stolen. The victims were traumatised, but one was able to free herself and call for help, which was answered by the neighbour. The neighbor, who is part of the farm watch, used the radio to the control centre and immediately all services were alarmed.

Within minutes, the armed response teams of the Drakenstein Farm watch were on site. They were later joint by their partners and other armed response teams from Fidelity ADT, PACRS and Pangela security as well as a team from Paarl Police. The medical responders of the Farm watch took care of the victims, while the other teams secured the area and went after the culprits.

Drakenstein Farm Watch.