South Africa: “I Want to Cleans This Country of All White People. We Must Act as Hitler Did to the Jews.”

Diversity Macht Frei
October 8, 2018

Earlier this year a white South African woman was sentenced to 3 years in prison because she had insulted a black policeman by calling him “kaffir”. She had just been robbed by blacks, so her emotional perturbation was understandable. But these extenuating circumstances were ignored by the court.

Now we have another case that shows us the quality of South African justice. A negro, Velaphi Khumalo, was charged with “hate speech”.

On January 4 2016‚ Khumalo published a number of comments on the internet‚ including: “I want to cleans (sic) this country of all white people. We must act as Hitler did to the Jews.”

He also said that “white people in South Africa deserve to be hacked and killed like Jews”.

“white people in South Africa deserve to be hacked and killed like Jews. U have the same venom moss. Look at Palestine. noo you must be bushed alive and skinned and your off springs used as garden fertiliser.”

The high court in Johannesburg declared on Friday that Velaphi Khumalo’s comments that blacks should do to white people what “Hitler did to the Jews” were hate speech.

The court interdicted Khumalo from repeating the comments – and ordered him to‚ if he had not already done so‚ remove all references to the utterances from any social media or other forms of public communication.

The court also ordered that Khumalo publish a written apology to all South African citizens acknowledging that the comments were hate speech‚ that he was wrong to say them and that he undertook to never utter any remarks prohibited by the Equality Act.

Khumalo was ordered to pay the costs of the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC)‚ which was the complainant in this matter.

So the negro had to delete his comments and issue a written apology. In an earlier court hearing, he was also sentenced to pay a fine of 30,000 South African Rand. And he got a written warning from his employer, the South African government.

Khumalo’s remarks were inspired by some comments that had been made on Facebook by white people. Apparently, in South Africa, there is a tradition of blacks “invading” the beaches on New Year’s Day. Here’s a video of it happening.

Local whites, understandably, don’t seem to appreciate these periodic invasions.

For calling blacks monkeys, Penny Sparrow’s life was destroyed. She was sentenced to a fine of 150,000 South African Rand. As an elderly person on a meagre income, she could not possibly afford to pay. And after her comments went viral, she was subjected to constant threats and harassment and forced into hiding.

With failing eyesight and deteriorating health‚ racist realtor Penny Sparrow will likely die in hiding.

“She is in the twilight of her life and she can’t come home because we think someone will take her out. I can’t afford to put her in a home. What am I going to do when she goes blind?” her daughter Charmaine Cowey said in an exclusive interview.

Cowey‚ who has become her mother’s de facto legal representative in her courtroom woes‚ said Sparrow was exiled and “on the run” in Johannesburg.

“Every day she puts on her disguise. She is religious about it. She wears a wig and very baggy clothes so she can walk around in public. In Johannesburg she doesn’t get recognised. To be honest she rarely leaves home. When she is here‚ she sticks out‚” Cowey said.

She was initially ordered to pay the fine within 2 months, but was later granted an extension.

“She can’t pay the money‚ even with the extension. She has nothing‚” said Charmaine.

Sparrow pleaded guilty to charges of crimen injuria‚ paying a R5‚000 penalty to avoid a jail term.

“People will stop me in the street because I am Penny Sparrow’s daughter‚ it still happens. They tell me what my mother did was disgusting. She has become Scottburgh’s most infamous citizen‚” Cowey said.

Her daughter‚ who runs a nursery and garden service business‚ said that her mother had been punished to an extent that is hard to understand.

“She has accepted her guilt and accepted responsibility for what she has done and she’s been punished by the population. My family has fallen apart completely. It so painful because it was a terrible thing she did‚ but she’s my mother‚” she said.

She said the family had been collateral damage to the race row.

“I need to show the damage that has been done and how the family have paid for it. No one wants to be associated with the racist. I am in the middle between my family and my mother.

“How I have stayed in business I have no idea. No one wants the ‘the racist’ doing their gardens. I didn’t say what she said but I am now associated with her. They see us as the racist family‚” she said.


So, for saying she intended to call blacks monkeys, she gets a R150,000 fine and her life is destroyed. But when a black says whites need to “be hacked and killed like Jews” and “must be bushed alive and skinned and your off springs used as garden fertiliser” he gets a R30,000 fine and his life proceeds as normal.

This is racialised justice. You will sometimes hear CivNats say “it’ll be fine as long as everyone obeys the law”. But once brown people are in the majority, they can make the law say whatever they want it to say. And even leaving that aside, there is differential and arbitrary enforcement of the law according to the priorities of the ruling class.

That’s exactly what we’re seeing here. South Africa offers us a glimpse of our future unless a White Revolution occurs.

And in case you think the anti-white hate in South Africa is just Twitter talk, here’s what happens when the rhetoric meets reality.