South Africa in Panic Mode After Trump Called Attention to Their Evil Plans

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2018

As you’ll recall, Donald Trump called out the South Africans for their plan to steal all the land of whites – .

He made the tweet after seeing a segment about it on Tucker Carlson.

Before the Tucker piece, this was something that the entire world media (other than RT) had been refusing to even mention.

They were forced to walk back their plans, for now.

And they’re doing this.


Velaphi Khumalo, who posted racial slurs against white people in a Facebook tirade two years ago, has been found guilty of hate speech by the Equality Court in the South Gauteng High Court on Friday.

The Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts and Culture official was also directed by the court to apologise to all South Africans, SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) Gauteng provincial manager Buang Jones tweeted on Friday.

”Velaphi Khumalo’s utterances have been declared to be hate speech. He has been interdicted from repeating utterances and ordered to publish a written apology directed at all South Africans. Apology shall be communicated to SAHR Commission for further dissemination Copy of the dossier of papers filed to be submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions,” Jones tweeted.

This is purely produced for international media consumption.

That’s all.

You can find literally thousands of other blacks on the internet calling for the extermination of white South Africans.

Prominent politicians have suggested that the genocide of whites may be necessary.

And of course, whites are being outright slaughtered – the “Equality Court” never tries to find the killers.

They are doing PR with a hate speech conviction of some random guy as part of a damage control plan.