South Africa is Editing Constitution to Legalize Wholesale Theft of White Property

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2018

South Africa is an example of what happens when brown people are the majority in a formerly white dominated country.

You get:

  • Raped
  • Murdered
  • Robbed

On an industrial scale.

South Africa has now announced that they are editing their Constitution to make stealing white people’s land a part of their core legal policy as a nation.


South Africa will push ahead with plans to amend the constitution to allow land expropriation without compensation, its president says.

In a recorded address, President Cyril Ramaphosa said the ruling ANC will “finalise a proposed amendment” allowing the move.

He said the reform was “of critical importance” to the economy.

Recent months have seen growing anger about the slow pace of land reform in South Africa.

The country’s white minority is believed to have a disproportionate hold over land, with a few thousand white commercial farmers possessing the most fertile lands.

However, critics fear expropriation could lead to land grabs, as happened in neighbouring Zimbabwe.


“Critics fear that a thing could lead to a synonym of that thing.”

“Land expropriation” is “land grabbing.”

What they actually fear is that without white people running the farms, the thing that happened in Rhodesia (“Zimbabwe”) will happen in their country: the blacks will be incapable of running the farms, and they will simply stop working. Eventually the whites will completely flee the country, economy will spin totally out of control, and they will end up like every other African nation.

It’s a reasonable fear.

The thing is: most Rhodesians fled to South Africa.

White South Africans have pretty much nowhere to flee to. Instead, they’re being shoved into squatter camps when they get forced off their farms by their evil black overlords.

The young white girls are running off to fuck niggers just to get out of the slums.

I think that Donald Trump could edit the “refugee” programs to allow these good folks to replace the vicious brown savages which are currently coming into our country as “refugees.”

Russia could also do it. They’ve been talking about doing it.

Anyone could do it.

Someone has to help these people.

This is a real life genocide.