South Africa: Negro Thieves Tie Up and Gag Dutch Man and Woman, Leave Them to Suffocate to Death

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2019

Life is cheap to blacks.

They have no qualms whatsoever with leaving a bunch of people to die a slow death – especially if those people are white.


A 53-year-old man and 75-year-old woman from the Netherlands were killed on Wednesday afternoon.

The incident happened in the man’s house in Seeikoei Street.

According to Brig Leonard Hlathi, two men approached the house.

“They demanded work, to which the family said there was none at the moment that they could offer.

“The suspects tied the victims up and covered their mouths with cloths. They took some valuable items, and fled the scene.”

The owner of the house and a female visitor later suffocated to death as a result of the gagging.

The man’s wife (53) and mother (80) survived the attack and managed to reach the panic button at around 22:15.

Police have refused to release any names until the victims’ next-of-kin overseas have been notified.

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