South Africa: White Woman Found Dead in Sand Mine After Being Kidnapped from Her Farm

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2019

Meghan Cremer.

I see it’s not getting any more civilized out there on the dark continent.

Daily Mail:

A show jumper believed to have been viciously kidnapped from her farm in South Africa has been found brutally murdered nearby with her body dumped in a sand mine.

Meghan Cremer, 30, was found after police arrested three suspects driving her stolen white Toyota Auris with one allegedly wearing clothing with blood stains on them.

Miss Cremer disappeared on Saturday evening and when she did not turn up for work with her brother Paul at his bakery in Cape Town she was reported missing to police.

Close friend and riding school instructor Linda Mohr said Meghan lived at the Vaderlandsche Rietvlei stud farm in Philippi a suburb of Cape Town where Linda teaches riding.

She had last spoken to her a few hours before she vanished on Saturday and Meghan told her she was ‘all snuggled up and ready for bed’ with her new dog, a Jack Russell.

However when Linda returned later the dog was outside her home and there was no sign of Meghan or her car.

CCTV footage showed the avid horse rider leaving the house at 6.30pm that day but she was not seen again and never showed up for work on Monday at her brother’s bakery.

It is believed she could have been ambushed at the farm and murdered and her body dumped and car stolen.

Police spokesman FC van Wyk said that on Wednesday three suspects aged 27, 34, and 35, had been arrested in her car and that they would all appear before magistrates today.

Presumably, she was raped to death.

There isn’t any other reason why a pack of blacks would kidnap an attractive white woman after having already robbed her.