South African Blacks Legit Hate the Jews Tho

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 12, 2018

 Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba (nigger) doesn’t take kindly to people taking kindly to kikes.

It’s funny because it was a bunch of communist kikes who went to South Africa and got these 78 IQ Zulus to do a revolution.


City of Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba has suspended one of his councillors for publicly declaring that the city is a friend of Israel.

Health and Social Development MMC Mpho Phalatse made the comments at the South African Friend of Israel national conference at the weekend.

This is what Mpho Phalatse said at the weekend.

“I am a friend of Israel and the City of Johannesburg is a friend of Israel.”

Herman Mashaba says he was disappointed that the Councillor attributed her personal remarks to the city.

“It is for this reason that I’ve taken the decision as the executive mayor of Johannesburg to suspend MMC Phalatse pending an investigation into the full and proper context which these remarks were heard.”

You literally can’t make even an offhanded comment saying you are okay with Jews in this country without being suspended from the government.

It’s a similar thing in Europe now – the Jews bought in all these Moslems, now the Moslems are murder-raping fat Jew sluts and the kikes are looking at the white goyim like “FIX THIS!!!!111”

Jews only really make sense if you look at them in terms of a biological disease that has no other purpose than to infect and destroy. They end up rotting out their hosts and destroying themselves.

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Backing entire groups of people against the wall hasn’t worked well for you in the past.

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Historically speaking, y’all are due for a really, really bad time.