South Africa’s Restrictive Gun Laws

J.P. Viljoen
Daily Stormer
April 23, 2015

Imagine being surrounded by this and being told it's against the law to own a gun to protect yourself.
Imagine being surrounded by this and being told it’s against the law to own a gun to protect yourself.

If you thought the Africans who cross the Med to try and get into Europe have it tough, then try getting a gun in South Africa to protect you and your family – you will have to jump through all sorts of hoops to please the Negro ANC government.

We all know whites getting robbed, raped and murdered is a catastrophe in South Africa. What do you expect when you throw 4.2 million whites amongst 50 odd million non-white hordes, 40 odd million of whom are Negro animals with an average IQ of 67?? This is why we come last in maths and science

So you have a minority of whites and a mass of Negroes who have been let out of their cages thanks to the Jews and their diversity agenda and the result is white genocide. This video is not for the feint hearted.

It is now only logical to want to defend yourself against such kaffirs as we call them in South Africa bearing in mind there are only two ways of getting your point across in life: force or reason. Since Negroes are wild animals with no reasoning capacity, you are left with having to use force or getting a gun.

This is when you have to start jumping through hoops to please our Negro government. In South Africa we have no 2nd Amendment as per the American Constitution, we have THE FIREARMS CONTROL ACT 60 OF 2000. The Act is apparently there to prevent ‘the proliferation of illegally possessed firearms’ blah blah blah but – in substance it is designed to disarm the white population. Simple as that. The way the act works is that each firearm needs to be licensed and not the person as a whole given a license to own.

So who is legible for a firearm? Well section 9 has twenty odd points, the main ones being you need to be older than 21 years old, stable, non-violent, no drugs, no criminal record – the usual palaver. You need to complete what’s called a proficiency test which is a theory and practical exam. Only then can you apply to the Police for what’s called a competency certificate.

You can complete four categories of competency namely handgun, shotgun, rifle and semi-auto rifle.  A competency is not a licence but a piece of paper saying you can own the specific gun for which you have received the competency.

The next question is in what situation can you own certain firearms and how many can you legally own – because obviously criminals never care about the law so this applies mainly to us whites.  You can possess only one firearm for self defence which can only be a handgun or shotgun (section 13). The shotgun cannot be semi-auto-matic.


There is the massive administrative burden about how you always have to renew your licence and tell the Police when you change your address, so the Blacks can keep tabs on you because God forbid they shouldn’t be able to account for Uncle Cracker’s guns and know exactly where they are.

You can only have a maximum of 200 rounds for a licensed gun for self-defense purposes. You can’t look after your friends ammo for example.

In South Africa, you always have to conceal your weapon in public places, you have no choice regarding being able to walk around in public showing off your hardware as in the US. This is partially a good thing as you don’t want some Negro seeing your shiny piece and thinking ‘i be wannin that dat, gib me dat gun cracker.’ Better to keep a Negro guessing about whether or not you packing.

The drawback, when compared to the American 2nd Amendment ‘right to bear and carry arms’ is that you cannot form militias in public places and make a ‘stand’ as you will get arrested for not concealing your weapon. You have to practice on private farms in your Kommandos (South African word for militia). But not everyone has a farm obviously. So that’s a problem.

Then after watching a few YouTube videos you realize that feral Negroes hunt in packs, so you come to the realization, that a 9mm or 10mm may be good in certain circumstances, however, if a full on chimp-out goes down – which we are currently seeing with the xenophobic attacks – you need to pack more heat. So you want to start acquiring rifles and semi-autos.

You have to become what is called an “occasional hunter/sportsperson” or a “dedicated hunter/sportsperson.”

This requires quite a bit of effort.
The lion is far from the most dangerous animal in Africa.

In a nutshell, an “occasional hunter/sportsperson” can have a total of four weapons – but no semi-auto rifles.  Only when you become a “dedicated hunter/sportsperson” can you acquire semi-auto rifles and shotguns. You can never own a fully auto rifle in South AFrica. Why? Because feral Negroes don’t want crackers with fully autos, simple as that. It makes them nervous.

To attain such dedicated status you have to join a club, enter competitions and accumulate points to ‘prove’ you are a dedicated or occasional hunter/sportsperson. Most guys (and some girls) go the dedicated sportsperson way to get rifles and so on and unlimited ammunition as opposed to the dedicated hunting path.

You have to store your weapons in a safe when not on your person and the key must always be under your control – so no leaving guns lying around. God forbid you should one day find yourself in a situation against a pack of feral negroes and you need to use your weapons to preserve your life as Blacks are considered royal game in South Africa – the golden rule is that your life or that of a related person is in danger – only then can you fire.

So if they sniff around your garden, take a piss and crap, you cannot shoot them because your life was not in danger. You have to lock yourself in your house with your family and wait for the pack to leave after marking their turf.  Essentially, they have to have their dicks out of their pants about to rape your wife/daughter or even you, brandishing guns and knives – only then can you legally expend ammunition.

Nevertheless, I hope the article has shed some light on South Africa’s restrictive guns laws and use thereof.

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