South Korean Gook Females Refuse Marriage, Form New Feminist Order – Birthrate Collapsing

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 26, 2019

Oh, feminism causes the birthrate to decline?


Fox News:

South Korean women are saying “I Don’t” more so than “I Do.”

In a trend that is upending everything from the wedding business and the birth rate to the general economy, women increasingly are rejecting marriage and motherhood, according to Bloomberg.

A government statistics agency that conducted a survey found that in 2018 a slight majority of women felt that marriage was not necessary, while in 2010 a majority felt that it was.

A new network has formed in a nod to the no-marriage sisterhood – EMIF, which stands for “Elite Without Marriage, I am Going Forward.”

And one of the country’s most popular YouTube stars is Baeck Ha-na, an accountant by day whose channel champions being unmarried, and is called “Solo-darity.”

“Society made me feel like a failure for being in my 30’s and not yet a wife or a mother,” Baeck said. “Instead of belonging to someone, I now have a more ambitious future for myself.”

South Korea has the lowest birth rate in the world, and with fewer younger generations to enter the workforce, there is an ever-growing deficit in funds for pensions. This year, in fact, the number of deaths is expected to births, Bloomberg reported.

Sounds like they need ENRICHMENT.


There really is no way to be Westernized and keep the traditional family intact.

You have to clamp down on these sluts. You have to force them to follow your will, or they will go on a total and complete rampage, and destroy society entirely.

If innocent gook women will do it, then all women will do it.

Kim Jong-un was right. 

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