Spice Girl Victoria Beckham Now Selling Pants Infused with Occult Power

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2018

The evidence is mounting for a pop music/Satanic witchcraft connection.

Andrew recently mentioned how much of modern pop music seems to be designed as part of some kind of Satanic mind-control program.

This is a legitimate line of enquiry. Not only is the music itself demonic, consisting of droning beats stimulating our lowest, most animalistic urges, but the performers are also into all kinds of weird shit.

We already know that Madonna is some kind of evil wizard.

And Lady Gaga is… I don’t even know what she’s supposed to be.

Possessed by a demon lord?

Many of these pop stars are into this “spirit cooking” type shit as well.

Marina Abramovic is friends with Lady Gaga, and they do weird blood rituals together.

So would it be any surprise that Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham is now selling occult pants?

More importantly, do these boost DPS or movement speed?

Page Six:

Pop star-turned-designer Victoria Beckham is so fascinated by the healing powers of crystals, she included them in her new pre-fall collection.

Healing crystals?

Is this Final Fantasy, or something?

Everyone knows the best crystals are for ice magic. Come on.

“We clipped crystals onto belt loops, and included secret pockets for them on wide leg trousers — so you can carry charms wherever you go,” Beckham told Elle.

She’s also offering jewelry featuring mystical stones like White Howlite (“a calming gemstone that relieves stress, calms the mind, and relaxes the whole body”) and Tiger’s Eye (“it fuels courage, strength and will help you achieve your dreams”), priced from $165 to $480 a pop.

Oh, so she’s actually socketing crystals into equipable items. So it’s more of a Diablo-type deal going on here.

Well, I mean, you’re not going to spit on those extra elemental resistances.

Beckham — who told the publication her initial interest in crystal therapy resulted from “years of reading, plus recommendations from friends” — added that in addition to incorporating the healing stones into her outfits, she usually keeps a stash in her bag, too.

Years of reading, huh?

What dark, ancient tomes did she study to conjure up these enchanted accouterments?

In any case, why is it that all these people behind pop music are obsessed with Satanism and occultism? Is it really possible that there’s no connection there?

Music itself has long been known to have a quasi-magical effect on people, in that it affects their minds and changes their behavior, based on rhythm and harmony.

The ancient Greek philosopher, mystic and mathematician Pythagoras was obsessed with this, and played music constantly for his students, using different scales depending on the type of activity they were engaged in.

These ideas were carried on forward through the middle ages, all the way to the modern world.

With recording technology, the concept of using music to influence the behaviors of large masses of people became possible.

Pretty much all of pop started using lascivious rhythms as the Jews gained control over the music production industry, under the guise that this was meant for “dancing.”

Well, White people used to dance to this kind of music:

This is a baroque gigue.

Notice the much faster speed and flowing rhythm, in 3/4 time typical of older European dancing styles.

Listening to this brings up a happy, relaxed mood, and inspires modest and dignified dancing.

Meanwhile, the disco-type beats that modern pop universally feature bring tension and inspire sexualized, animalistic types of dancing – in the manner of African savages.

Whether or not it’s a satanic/jew conspiracy, the result is the same – the destruction of traditional European culture, to be replaced with African pelvis gyrations and porno music videos.