SPLC Doxes Former Daily Stormer Writer, Claims He Isn’t White Enough

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2019

The SPLC’s hottest new writer Michael Hayden, a fake journalist who was fired from Newsweek allegedly for being a drunk and/or threatening to send an Antifa gang to murder me, has doxed former Daily Stormer writer Eric Striker and accused him of not being racially pure.

Michael Hayden, writer of the famous BDSM fetishist play “The Books” in which he talks to his dominatrix about James Joyce. Dude is fucked. 

The article is long and horrible, and he just throws all sorts of insults and insinuations out there against the guy.

Basically, Striker’s real name – which is allegedly Joe Jordan – had been out there for I think more than two years. It is listed in the SPLC filing against me. Which is from like, more than two years ago I think.

The issue was that there are probably thousands of people in New York City named Joe Jordan, so someone had to go through all of them. That’s all Hayden did. There were a bunch of pictures of Striker from various rallies, so he had to take the pictures around to neighborhoods where people with that name were registered as living.

Anyway, he claims that someone on the inside “gave up” Striker, but he doesn’t ever say what info was provided by the insider. He just quotes an Antifa blog and says it turned out to be right about the name and the fact that he’s a big-headed manlet. The claim that he was “outed” by an insider is just divide and conquer shilling to make people paranoid.

But this “he isn’t white enough” thing he does is nuts. Since when is the SPLC a believer in only the pure races? 

Striker has said he’s Italian, and that is what he sounds and looks like. Yeah, they’re darker – whatever. Everyone is aware of the fact that Italians have darker skin. I have no idea what kind of person is concerned about that. I guess the SPLC has a very specific impression about the nature of “white supremacists” based on their experiences with sad KKK groups in the 80s and 90s who had a negative attitude toward Italians and Catholics generally.

Anyway, everyone gets doxed. Remember that. It’s incredible that Striker made it for so long without getting doxed, but I guess he didn’t have that high of a profile, and the SPLC doesn’t really have very high competence.

Also, this is how fucking stupid this guy is:

Anglin posted several times on Gab about Striker in December 2017 and January 2018 after “Strike and Mike” was launched. He complained publicly in multiple Gab posts about what he perceived to be a change in Striker due to his associations, suggesting he had abruptly become unwilling to “name the Jew.” “Naming the Jew” in white nationalist circles connotes a willingness to speak in nakedly antisemitic terms without couching language to be more socially acceptable.

That was a joke, because he talks about Jews constantly.

Get the joke, Mike, you low IQ Paki drunk?

He talks about Jews constantly, so I joked that he refused to mention Jews.

Do you understand the humor there, pal? 

Anyway, he does the whole “controversial figure” thing. Obviously, a lot of people have different views about things after Charlottesville. Striker and I had different views. I’ve generally been critical of his promotion of communism and his refusal to cut his gross sideburns, but he was doing both those things even when he wrote here so it’s whatever. The whole “far-right is falling apart, everyone is fighting each other” meme is totally fake and gay.

What happened was that the far-right splintered, becoming more of what is was a year or so before Charlottesville, when people weren’t all trying to come together. This is a better model. It’s good for everyone. That doesn’t imply “infighting” or some other kind of hostility.