Sportsball Ork Suspended for Beating Coalburner Girlfriend

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 13 2017

Sportsball Ork Ezekiel Elliot.

I’m not sure what this girl expected to happen.

Probably, she expected to get knocked around and that’s what attracted her in the first place.

New York Times:

The N.F.L., after a yearlong investigations, reached its decision after reviewing Elliott’s behavior during a six-day stretch in July 2016 in which his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson accused him of assaulting her five times in Columbus, Ohio, where he played at Ohio State. Elliott was not arrested or charged because prosecutors concluded that Thompson’s statements conflicted with those made by Elliott and witnesses. But he remained subject to discipline by the league.

The N.F.L.’s letter to Elliott also cited an incident during a St. Patrick’s Day parade in March, when Elliott pulled down a woman’s shirt and exposed her breast, as reflecting “a lack of respect for women” and suggesting a “pattern of poor judgment and behavior.”

This time, one of the league’s most powerful owners, Jerry Jones of the Cowboys, could end up in a showdown with the league’s commissioner, Roger Goodell.

Jones has repeatedly defended Elliott, 22, recently saying that his review of the situation suggested “not one thing — that had anything to do with domestic violence.”

He dindu nuffin you hear me! His almost certainly Jewish owner said so!

Tiffany Thompson.