Sri Lanka: BASED Buddhists Attack Moslem Vermin, At Least One Dead

Daily Stormer
May 14, 2019

The Moslem was killed with a sword – DOUBLE BASED!

I always wondered how stupid the Westerners who think Buddhism is a “pacifist” religion really are.

Even if they never touched a history book in their lives, and don’t know that East Asia, China especially, has historically been one of the planet’s main killing fields, they should have enough common sense to realize that if Buddhism really were pacifistic, it would’ve disappeared by now.

Because the problem with being a pacifist is that you’re eventually gonna come across someone who isn’t a pacifist and he’s gonna kill you, either to steal your resources or rape your women or just because #YOLO.

I don’t really get how anyone can be so dumb as to not understand something so obvious.


At least one person was killed Monday amid renewed anti-Muslim violence in a Sri Lankan town targeted during last month’s Easter Sunday terrorist attacks.

Police said 45-year-old Fauzul Amir was slashed with a sword as mobs attacked at least five mosques, causing damage and allegedly burning a Koran, in the town of Negombo, north of the capital Colombo. Amir later died in hospital.

Shame that only one pedo-worshipper died, but doing it with a sword kinda makes up for it.

Killing people with swords is more fun than killing them with guns, that’s why I always go melee in any RPG I play.

A nationwide curfew was instituted following the violence, which comes after shops and businesses owned by Muslims were attacked last week in Negombo, which has a large Christian community.


Christianity without Jew media control can work.

More than 100 members of that community were killed after a suicide bomber walked into Negombo’s St. Sebastian’s Church on Easter Sunday. The National Tawheed Jamath (NTJ) Islamist extremist group, which aligned itself with ISIS, has been blamed for the attacks.

Leaders of Sri Lanka’s Muslim minority, many of whom attempted to warn the authorities about some of the bombers ahead of the attacks, were bracing for a backlash following the bombings.

“We are very scared that there is going to be a backlash,” Hilmy Ahamed, vice president of the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka, told CNN in the days after the Easter Sunday attacks. “It can happen anytime.”


The worst thing about Moslems mass-killing people is that the people getting mass-killed kill them back.

That’s always the worst thing.

Army and police units were deployed to mosques and other houses of worship around Sri Lanka in the wake of the bombings, and strict curfews were also imposed, containing any immediate backlash.

A partial social media was reimposed this week following the attacks in Negombo. Nalaka Kaluwewa, director general of the country’s Department of Government Information, said WhatsApp, Facebook and other platforms had been blocked to prevent “social unrest via hate messages and false information.”

Many Sri Lankans and internet analysts criticized a similar ban imposed after Easter Sunday, which they said prevented people from accessing information and, contrary to the government’s claims, actually exacerbated the spread of fake news and malicious rumors.

The internet is a very new thing, and people used to talk about stuff before it existed.

Shocking, I know.

The cuck government in Sri Lanka really should learn from Myanmar, who solved its Moslem infestation almost entirely in just a few months.

And they would’ve solved it entirely if not for the kike rats and their shabbos goys in our governments.

Christian leaders have urged their followers not to attack Muslims, with whom they have typically had strong relations, both religions being tiny minorities facing pressure from the Buddhist majority.

“Some parties are trying to instigate communal hatred to create religious clashes,” Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, Archbishop of Colombo, said last week. “I earnestly request the Catholics not to raise a hand against the Muslims. The Muslims are not behind this incident. Those behind this attack are misguided persons who are being manipulated by international forces to realize their political aims. According to the teachings of our religion, we should not harm anyone.”

Yeah, no, fuck you.

The leaders of the Catholic church are scum, and no more Christian than these ragheads are.

But the Christcucks aside, Islam is a really disgusting thing, both the religion itself and the people who follow it.

After we get rid of the kikes, that has to be our next target.

Since everybody else hates them too, and for good reason, we have people to work with.

I suggest every non-White who kills a Moslem automatically get Honorary Semi-Aryan status, full Honorary Aryan when he gets to at least 20 frags.

I really can’t think of any downside to this.

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