SSRIs and Mass Shootings

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 23, 2015

Here is a short documentary on the relationship between SSRI anti-depressant medications and mass shootings.

It has yet to come out that Dylann Roof was on these medications when he committed his weird act, but it probably will. In any case, he was admittedly on Suboxyn, which is another mind-altering drug, usually prescribed to people recovering from heroin addiction to help them deal with the symptoms of withdrawal.

There has yet to be a mass-shooter who was not on some form of government-approved psycho-pharmacological drug, and yet this is never, ever discussed by the mainstream media. Pat Buchanan did mention it on The McLaughlin Group this week, but that presumably would have been edited out if it hadn’t been on public television.

Pharmaceutical companies are among the biggest sponsors of all major media, and thus are not allowed to even mention the reality of the psychosis caused by these drugs.

People from all different types of ideologies have engaged in mass-shootings, for alleged political or personal reasons, but the common denominator is drugs. As such, it is the drugs, not the ideology, which needs to be addressed.