St. Louis: Protests After Racist Cops Murder Unarmed Teen Who Pointed a Gun at Them

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 20, 2015

They're just killing everyone now.
They’re just killing everyone now.

It wasn’t enough for cops to simply murder unarmed teens for simply stealing cigars.

Now they will murder any unarmed teen who points a gun at them.

Out of pure hatred for the color of the skin.

Fox News:

At least nine people were arrested Wednesday and St. Louis police used tear gas to clear a street of protesters after an armed man fleeing from officers was shot and killed when he pointed a gun at them.

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said at a press conference late Wednesday night that a group of protesters who had blocked an intersection threw glass bottles and bricks at officers and refused orders to clear the roadway. Inert gas was used and when that didn’t have any effect on the crowd, police turned to tear gas to clear the intersection, Dotson said. Those arrested face charges of impeding the flow of traffic and resisting arrest, he said.

In addition to the arrests, officers responded to reports of burglaries in the area and the fire department was called after a car was set ablaze, according to Dotson.

The chief blamed the crimes on people seeking “notoriety” in a neighborhood “plagued by violence.” Dotson added that police would release video showing that officers gave multiple orders to clear the street and repeatedly warned that the tear gas would be used.

The latest shooting came with tensions already high in the area after violence erupted during several events earlier this month marking the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old fatally shot last year by a police officer in nearby Ferguson.

These Blacks are right to be angry.

Can you imagine shooting an unarmed child, simply because he pointed a gun at you?

Racist America needs to confront the fact of Black slavery and that this country only exists because Blacks picked cotton.


  1. Forget teargas, it’s time to break out the napalm. Those animals will not be satisfied until they are given carte blanche to bludgeon and shoot the police, and murder us at will with no repercussions.

  2. XD

    These headlines keep getting better. Andrew, you should be a writer for a comedy. Other than the sick one we live in, I mean.

  3. The chief blamed the crimes on people seeking “notoriety” in a neighborhood “

  4. Gas-chamber-hoax

    He didn’t even do anything

  5. A “child” of 35, I’d wager. In a way, the media portrayals are, at least in sentiment, accurate: they are perpetual children. Like my dog is, in many ways, a perpetual child. Like an adult with Downs Syndrome is a perpetual child. They will always need to be taken care of.
    And they will be excused for anything.

    I say it’s time they’re brought “bei Fuss”…

  6. There never was any black “walking catfish” slavery. Recommend “They Were White and They Were Slaves” available from The Truth At Last or perhaps “Northern Voice”. Max ORION !

  7. Laguna Beach Fogey

    We’re this close to full-on race war.

    Bring it on.

  8. Obama’s sons are dropping like flies lulz.

  9. There is no other way for them to spin the narrative: blacks want to be able to commit crimes with impunity.

    • It used to be, “Judge by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.” Now it is, “You can’t judge the content of my character because you ain’t black!” and they themselves judge by the color of the skin and not content of character.

  10. Another good nigger. 🙂
    Hopefully many more to come!

  11. Da bruthas has done spoked n makesedest it clear dat unner no circumshtanses r we gon be presecuted for takin’ ourn shits back dat be stoln by da white man slave ownas. We wants jestiss n its ok to keel a cop blaks lives matters n we be libraten ouren selbs from tousends ub years of slabery by white supremasessts n gittin’ paid fo it til we all be loaded up wit twennies n sheeyit n white azz hawnkys beez droppin’ like flies haha cracka dis be jes da beginnen.
    Jamie Foxx/Dr. Cornhole West 2016!

  12. Police must stay out of the ghetto and let tribal chieftains create laws. It works that way in Western Europe successfully. African genes must be respected.

  13. “Can you imagine shooting an unarmed child,
    simply because he pointed a gun at you?”

    Much worse is that White cops often shoot at them
    just because the innocents happen to shoot their way
    as they merely attempt to eliminate the competition.

    Obvious unbelievable bigotry abounds
    because of unrestrained White Privilege!

  14. Kill the jews for pointing the TV at us.

  15. Police shooting unarmed negro chilluns for pointing a gun at them is cultural appropriation.

    Everyone knows that negroes invented fire-arms along with everything else on planet Earth…

  16. Niggers get arrested for resisting arrest?
    No wonder they’re annoyed.

  17. What do these cops think their vests are for?! Guns are a part of black culture, and these racist cops need to learn to respect that and stop being a bunch of pussies that can’t take a bullet.

    • No, guns are a part of white culture. Sticks, stones and bones are part of black culture. That is why blacks can’t figure out when it is proper to use a gun and how to hit the person they are aiming for.

      • Have you ever seen a nigger aiming down the iron sights on his weapon or even bothering to equip a telescopic sight, foregrip or other tactical upgrades?

    • This is the big problem. The Police just are not respecting the black culture enough. Rape, murder, drugs and general crime are a large part of the vibrancy of black culture. If only we would arm White Women with condoms which they could ask gang rapers to wear and our men with bullet proof vests and kindly ask the blacks to not shoot us through the heads. Then we can all live together as one big happy family of equals.

  18. Colonel Gunter Brumm

    How I hate to see that crap about “We need to have a conversation about race”. Ive seen that all my life in print. By all means lets have a real “conversation”.

    How about this?
    You fucks can pick one half of the country and well take the other half.
    Youll never have to see our evil white faces again. Ever.
    You will finally be able to build your utopia and lunar colonies unmolested while we struggle to make rap music and play sports as our civilization collapses without you
    – yea right.

    • “…finally be face to build, etc.”

    • I upvoted because it is funny and true… but there is no way I am giving half of the country to these savages. they have a country larger than ours, it is called africa. That is where they should go.

    • No kidding. Hey here’s a conversation about race: It doesn’t matter if you’re a cardigan limp -wrist losing sleep over all-girls schools in Mozambique or a proud White Nationalist flying the NSDAP blood flag in your front yard, niggers are going to muh-dick anything that moves and burn any bitches that don’t….and there will always be a Jew there to stir the pot.

    • Ni qg ers don’t deserve an acre of our country. Neither do the we tbacks.

    • I’m gonna say it, and Im gonna take a lot of flack for it:
      I think this country is lost to us. If the time comes for negotiations and concessions– and it will — I believe it will benefit us most to concede the US. Let America absorb wave after wave of refugees and immigrants. Let them have their brown Mecca and all live as Black Kings and Queens, their birthright, free at last, rid of the white devils, forever.
      The catch is, though, that we return to, and resettle, Europe (only loyal Whites, of course. The traitors will be tried and dealt with according to the new law code that will necessarily be drafted) and that non-whites leave Europe and resettle the former United States.

      We can’t defend our claims to lands we conquered? Fine. Bullshit, to be sure… an argument built on almost every conceivable logical fallacy… but fine. These people don’t exist in the state of logic.
      Thwse concessions may require surrendering all the former colonies, obviously.
      You say we’ll lose too much face? We’ll be disgraced on the world stage? WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING NOW??
      It is of zero concern. And the gain exceeds the loss, exponentially.

      All pre-existing white technology here may be forfeited to the hordes. But to no avail. They don’t produce anything but more turds. They don’t innovate. They will never pose a threat to us, without us.
      Let that sink in.

      And there will be no more question as to our moral authority.

      THIS is the way we survive, White people.

      Many of you will lament the blood and toil spent to carve-out this country from the rugged wilderness, to wrest it from the Crown (was that a smart move??), to defend it from whatever… It’s bullshit. All the wars we’ve fought have been either against OUR RACIAL BRETHEREN or in part of a further-reaching conspiracy to erode patriotic morale and to kill generations of white men.
      And that blood spilled, that toil, was for naught. We’ve lost what they fought for.
      If we continue to cling to the sinking ship the casualties will be ultimate.

      Think about it…

      • Colonel Gunter Brumm

        Agreed. Home is where ever we make it.

        Without us they will drop off like files in a few years.

    • Louis Marschalko

      Another day. Another dindu.

  19. I’m happy your site is back up, but it takes 5 minutes for every page to open.

  20. No, it’s not time to have a discussion. It’s time for Whites to go out in gangs every day and protect their neighborhoods.

  21. Those evil cops will be shooting niglets in diapers next, oh the horror of it all.

    OT but can someone please answer something that’s annoying me. Every time I look at a different article on DS I have to log in to disqus again. I get booted out as soon as I look at something else. Maybe it’s because I’m on my phone. Does it stay logged in on a PC?

    • Colonel Gunter Brumm

      My son is 10 (loves the stormer- thinks Im a celeb because I get emails from Andrew) he told me a few weeks ago that he was in a van with some kids and a few adults and as they were driving a little black kid almost ran in front of the car.

      So he screamed to the driver “OMG! watch out for the little niglet!”
      He said the car went silent for like 3 seconds.
      Then the whole place burst out into screaming laughter about “Niglet”

      • Who wouldn’t laugh at Niglet, even liberals wouldn’t be able to help themselves lol.

        • There is a little 4 year old groid in my neighborhood. He doesn’t live there but visits some days. I used to let my son, who is 5, play with him when other kids were nowhere to be found, after a very long explanation about never trusting him and not putting up with his TNB. The other day he went out and the kid was with two older yard apes, a girl around 10 and a boy around 8. My son asked if he could play with them. I looked at them and told him, “No. We don’t know them and his family brings problems into the neighborhood. My son promptly went up the road looking for the white kids to play with. Not even a minute later the youngest one was spurred on by the older two to go into a yard and steal a skateboard. An elderly lady across the street yelled at him to stop so they scurried home. One of the ladies the kid visits (they are both fat and I can’t tell them apart) came out and started yelling at the old lady, “He’s only 4! Don’t yell at him! You come talk to me!” She was of course shaking her head back and forth. She suddenly realized that I was on my porch watching her. I started the neighborhood watch here and drove out a drug house, so I have a reputation. A few months ago I had told these ladies, after a couple of fights in the street between one of their sons and a crack head they had ripped off, and some screaming late at night that I could have them evicted too. Needless to say, when she saw me she hightailed it home, packed up all of the kids and their stuff and took them back to whatever hellhole they came from. Now the rule is “No black friends!”

          • This is the way forward, take responsibility for your own street, your own block, your own city. Work with other like minded (like skinned) and create areas of sanity, drive out the scum. Little by little it will all turn round.

          • The only problem for lower-working class neighborhoods like mine is the damned rental properties that take gubmint (our) money. Clear one out and another moves in.

          • I’m lucky I live in a seaside town so there are only 5 houses occupied in the street and they’re all tradie types, hardcore men, sheds full of welding gear, motors etc. No-one speeds on the street and the kids all play outside together its like the 1950’s here

          • Colonel Gunter Brumm

            I saw a movie like that once. Must be nice. Blessings.

          • Colonel Gunter Brumm

            I sold my house for that very reason. If a neighborhood irks me I pack up. Home is wherever we are, not some box.

          • We are working on it. My wife has to finish a couple of years of school to get her promotion before we put it up for sale. I have worked on how I want the house built, drawn it out and such. The plan is land, goats, chickens, gardens, and GASP! guns, solar and hopefully other off the grid energy resources, like a grey water system and rain collection.

          • Colonel Gunter Brumm

            Ive been thinking to do a series of articles for the Stormer about raising children properly as a father. I never have the damn time. Im sure it would be very helpful to people and would love to see the collborative comments.

          • Colonel Gunter Brumm

            Well not brilliant actually, just normal fucken common sense that will save your sons life. Humans and Non humans dont mix. Bravo. Excellent work brother.

            The pages here at stormer are filled everyday with white people who are fucken dead because their fathers didnt do their job. It not the wifes job. As the Pater Familias it is the fathers job.

            My son regularly beats all these asians and indians at chess tournaments. Often he pretends hes stupid or scared and loses all his practice games to lull them into laziness then comes in like Zeus. When I hug him to congratulate him we exchange whispered Sieg Heils.

            Best thing Ive done as a father has been to stoke a fire of reason in his mind and love for his people in his heart.

            Stupid untermensch. Our people just flew by and photographed Pluto. What have you done?

          • If these people had any damn sense they would realize the benefits that white society has given them-healthcare, longer lives (except when they dindu nuffin to each other), ended slavery, and so on, and would kneel down and give thanks. Their stupidity makes them too short-sighted to realize that without us they would be back in the stone age running from dogs and big cats, in between killing or trading each other as slaves.

          • Colonel Gunter Brumm

            Your inability to make sense of them lies in you mistaken use of the word “people”. It implies a similarity to your own people. They are not “people” and it is a limitation of language that we do not have another word. I substitute “non humans” when discussing them.

            The thing i always tell humans is horses, donkeys and mules can all mate and have offspring. Yet are all totally different. Like blacks and browns and white etc. similar but totally different.

            Drop “people” from your thinking and you wont beat your head against walls trying to understand their behavioral philosophies. Their actions are guided by base nature, instinct, like animals. See a hole, fuck it. Hungry? take it. Get angry at somone? kill them.

            But you know all this already.

            Dont get me started on how our ancestors had their DNA manipulated by white human extraterrestrials.

          • They are different sub-species but still people. The mating you mentioned does not create fertile offspring. Aside from pygmies and Northern Europeans (which still have a 60% chance of fertile offspring, but def. reveals an evolutionary path toward separate species) most offspring between breeds of people would be fertile (though highly likely to have other issues), therefore, they are all people. Being different subspecies explains the differences in IQ, fast muscle twitch, cranial capacity, distribution of the “warrior gene,” differences in timing of hitting puberty, fat storage, neanderthal vs. non, and so on. I understand the frustration and sense of the “other” with these primitives, but I try to be objective.

      • How many points for a niglet?

    • Sometimes I get that “DDos protection by CloudFlare” screen for a second…

    • It may be your phone or disqus settings, my phone has kept me logged in for weeks.

    • Doesn’t happen to me. Discus is normal, but the page takes about 10 secs to load.
      I’m on a laptop.

    • I’m fine on PC in terms of disqus.

  22. I have been waiting for the media to hit rock bottom. we’re here!

    • Colonel Gunter Brumm

      The front page of the times every day is covered in jews and niggers and faggots and trannys and immigrants. One degenerate book review after movie review after another. Rock bottom indeed.

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