Standard Black People McDonald’s Problems

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 5, 2020

Sherwin Torrance Overstreet just wanted some McNuggets.

What is this man to do?

McDonald’s employees can be very difficult.

NBC 4:

Police in central Virginia are searching for a man who they say shot two workers in a McDonald’s restaurant.

Lynchburg police say the incident Friday night began as an altercation in the drive-through window.

Police said in a news release Saturday morning that Sherwin Torrance Overstreet of Roanoke was a customer.

The news release says after the altercation began, Overstreet parked his vehicle, entered the restaurant and shot two workers.

It would be racially-motivated hatred to punish Overstreet for this.

In fact, McDonald’s should be punished for not providing him with the services he needed while he was recuperating from having been LITERALLY ENSLAVED.

Sherwin Torrance Overstreet, pictured earlier this year.