State of Florida Opens Investigation Into Brian Kolfage’s GoFundMe Wall!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2019

Brian Kolfage is perhaps the most extreme example of over-compensation in modern American history. Unable to tolerate the painful legacy of “Florida Man” and the scorn heaped upon all men from that cursed state because of his shenanigans, Brian decided to single-handedly wipe clean the slate for his state by building the Wall, saving the country and being an all-around presentable guy.

But even if “Florida Man” rises up to the occasion and puts himself on the line to serve his country, he still has to deal with “Florida State,” which is Florida Man’s lesser-known criminal accessory.

Raw Story:

A public record request just revealed that the charity started by a Florida man who raised more than $22 million on GoFundMe to build a private border wall just fell under potentially criminal investigation by his state consumer protection regulator.

Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (AgDept.) oversees charities which solicit funds from the public. They began investigating Brian Kolfage, who raised millions on GoFundMe before incorporating Florida nonprofit WeBuildTheWall Inc. (WBTW) after public officials received complaints and saw’s reporting about the questionable uses of over $1.7 million of the funds intended for its project. Public budget disclosures from the state-regulated charity indicate unusual expenditures may be taking place by the well endowed WBTW, which operates out of a post office box storefront in Panama City Beach, Fla.

While Brian Kolfage is a Florida Man, I didn’t think that he would go this far. This was supposed to be Florida Man’s Redemption Arc, not another lurid chapter in his debauched escapades.

“We have received a media inquiry about a company called We Build The Wall [sic], started by Brian Kolfage,” wrote Scott Hunt, chief of the Special Investigations Unit under Ashley Moody, a Republican who is Florida’s attorney general. Hunt’s letter was sent to the director of the Florida AgDept.’s Compliance Bureau, Liz Compton. In turn, Compton alerted her boss.

“Have you received any inquiries or launched any investigations re: this company?” Hunt asked. He shared three consumer complaints against WBTW, one of which cited a complete lack of corporate governance to manage over $20 million tax-free dollars.

“We’re opening an investigation on them,” replied Amy Topol a mere 50 minutes later. She is the Florida AgDept’s Director of Consumer Services, which oversees charities that solicit the public.

One of Topol’s bosses confirmed to the DC Report that the state will look into whether Kolfage caused materially false statements to be made in required charitable disclosures. The disclosure, filed with the assistance of counsel, states the charity has three directors. Yet it has only one listed director, Brian Kolfage, its president.

Sure enough, this appears to be a politically-motivated hit job.

First things first: Brian Kolfage has indeed started building a private wall. There are pictures and video proof out there now:

So where is the “fraud,” exactly?

The only way that they could declare this to be fraud is to investigate him on a technical, procedural error in the documents that he filed and then declare the whole project to be a “fraud” – which it is not – to demoralize Americans who donated to save their country.

That’s exactly what they did.

“We have an ongoing investigation into WeBuildTheWall Inc.,” Franco Ripple, the StateAg spokesperson, told me.

Brian Kolfage has told numerous media outlets including Snopes, that former Kansas Secretary of State and Trump acolyte Kris Kobach is on his board. That is also what he told the Florida AgDept., along with naming a third director, Dustin Stockton. Articles of incorporation filed with Florida’s Secretary of State and a copy of the complete archive of corporate filings contradict that story.

Snopes has a habit of “debunking” reality by just being tedious and disingenuous. They are inexplicably cited by the media (and now apparently, the government) in the same venerable way that the Bible used to be cited by the Church in the olden days.

Behold the cat couple who declared jihad on Brian’s Wall

It appears that the State of Florida is trying to nail Kolfage to the wall (not the GoFundMe Wall) for not having all of his paperwork in order.

They’re talking about sending this triple-amputee veteran to prison over a technicality.

Florida law prohibits filing materially false statements with the AgDept. charitable registration. If the department decides that materially false statements have been submitted, it has the power to impose administrative fines of $10,000 per occurrence. It’s a third-degree felony crime for anyone to knowingly and willingly submit a false filing to the department or lie to its investigators, which can result in up to five years imprisonment. 

America has become a truly despotic state.

Anyone with a single patriotic limb left in his body is a fair target for the rapacious corporations and corrupt agencies in the state OR federal government.

All this despite Kolfage appearing to have made an effort to correctly file all the paperwork, employing two lawyers to help him do so.

This was not enough.

The Florida AgDept.’s Compliance Bureau first contacted Kolfage in January, demanding that he comply with state charitable solicitations law and register WBTW with them by completing a detailed questionnaire disclosing its board members, its activities and a sample budget. Kolfage responded by filing registration paperwork in February with help from his first lawyer. The AgDept found the paperwork incomplete. Then in March a new lawyer, based in Texas, responded to the deficiency notice and corrected the filing.

However, both the original and revised filings by WeBuildTheWall Inc. contain materially false information about the nonprofit’s board of directors.

WeBuildTheWall Inc. still only has a single director, its president, Brian Kolfage.

That disclosure is likely considered a material fact because Florida law says that the nonprofit “corporation must never have fewer than three directors.” 

Brian is in trouble for not finding two other people to register with his nonprofit. I don’t know what to make of this fact, but the words “fraud” and “scam” do not immediately come to mind to describe the situation. In fact, another explanation comes to mind: these anti-American subversives in the government are trying to destroy Brian Kolfage and his Wall – and to send a message. They will do the same to anyone who stands up for their country.

The last, best effort made by a patriot to save the country may end up being torn down over a paperwork technicality. 

If Brian Kolfage – a war vet missing three of his limbs who is friends with Chris Kobach and Steve Bannon and has 20 million dollars to use – can’t build that Wall, no one can. Once Americans realize that, this country simply ceases to exist and something new begins.

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