State of Massachusetts is Suing OxyContin Kikes!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2018

It’s about time somebody sued these dirty rat drug kikes.

The idea that they were somehow unawares that their product was being abused is nonsensical. Not an argument. They originally got it on the market as only for “end of life care” – that is, the only time it could be given is to ease a person’s pain while they were dying.

Then all of the sudden it started being given out in place of Vicodin or Percocet for normal surgeries or broken bones.

These Jews even put out charts like “look, it so much easier than Percocet! And it does the same thing!” without mentioning that the addiction rate is some multiples of ten higher for ostensibly doing the same thing. 

Then they set up “pain clinics” just giving it out to anyone who said their back hurt.

Did the kikes do this for money or to destroy the goyim? Well, obviously for both reasons.

The Guardian:

The state of Massachusetts on Tuesday sued the maker of the prescription painkiller OxyContin, which spawned America’s opioids crisis, naming leading executives and members of the multi-billionaire Sackler family that owns the pharmaceutical company.

The lawsuit accuses the company, Purdue Pharma, of spinning a “web of illegal deceit” to fuel the deadly drug abuse crisis while boosting profits.

Purdue Pharma is already defending lawsuits from several states and local governments, but Massachusetts is the first state to take the unusual step of personally naming the company’s executives in a complaint, the state attorney general, Maura Healey, said. It names 16 current and former executives and board members, including the chief executive, Craig Landau, and eight members across three generations of the Sackler family that wholly owns Purdue.

The lawsuit alleges Purdue deceived patients and doctors about the risks of opioids, pushed prescribers to keep patients on the drugs longer and aggressively targeted vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and veterans.

“Their strategy was simple: the more drugs they sold, the more money they made, and the more people died,” Healey said on Tuesday.

Purdue, based in Stamford, Connecticut, issues a statement saying it vigorously denied all the allegations and looked forward to presenting “substantial defenses” to the claims in the lawsuit.

This is actually kind of incredible.

States have already prosecuted a few “pain management” clinic doctors who have almost all been – wait for it – Jews.

But to go after the Sackler kikes themselves – it’s a big move.

Their defense is presumably going to be “it’s just capitalism, goyim – it is not our fault that our kinsmen distributing these pills were not following proper procedures.”

But the case should theoretically focus on how they released fake research claiming that these pills were safe. Along with, obviously, the fact that they had no oversight on how many were being distributed – with rural towns of a few thousand people getting millions of pills.

Of course, under Obama – who didn’t give a single shit if millions of white people had their lives destroyed by these drugs – this practice was entirely legal. As far as I understand it. It’s going to be a hard case, I think, but at least it brings attention to the issue.

And we should be bringing attention to the fact that these are JEWS responsible – yet again. Just like with everything else.

Jeff Sessions the lazy, cowardly donothing wouldn’t prosecute these kikes, so it fell to the Massachusetts AG. It would certainly be better if Sessions had done it.

I would sure like a tweet from Trump praising Maura Healey for this action and condemning Jeff Sessions for having failed to do exactly this.

A couple months ago, Trump gave a great speech in New Hampshire about the opioid crisis.

And even if he can’t get Slow Jeff to do anything at all about anything, it is powerful just for him to comment on it.

His tweets always get a news cycle rolling, and I want to see Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper out there defending Jewish drug barons.

nb4 “the Jew media won’t defend that” – this weird mulatto who is on the Daily Show (which I always forget still exists) already defended drug dealers after the New Hampshire speech.