Steam Aiming to Take Down Jew Discord

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2018

May the perfidious Discord kikes be destroyed forever.

Valve has been on quite the roll in the past few weeks, pushing for a major offensive against the forces of evil. Gaben’s powerful vidya empire has recently announced they would henceforth allow even the most politically incorrect games to be present on their storefront, dealing a major blow to the J-left’s censorship schemes.

And now, we have more great news from our beloved supplier of entertainment.

They have hatched a plan to destroy Discord, one of our most hated enemies.

Don’t forget, Discord is a company owned by a Jew who sells the conversation logs of Alt-Right servers straight to antifa and other Jewish organizations.

Discord is just generally the most wretched company out there, when it comes to privacy.

And since Discord is specifically targeted at PC gamers, Steam is in a unique position to take over their user base.

Tech Crunch:

Discord has risen among the ranks of gamers as the most common choice for game-related communications. And it’s easy to see why: it works well and the competition is pretty dismal. But Valve is looking to keep users in-house with an overhaul of the chat options on its game platform Steam.

Yes. The competition is horrible.

Discord is by far the best chat program out there. Everything else is inexplicably primitive and backwards by comparison.

Compare this to Skype. Ugh…

Why is it that no one else managed to make a chat program that doesn’t suck? Sending text around shouldn’t be a complex feat of engineering.

It’s a welcome change, one of many that Steam’s users have surely been asking for — the platform, while convenient in many ways, is also incredibly outdated in others. The friend and communications options may as well be ICQ, and let’s not get started on the browser.

Today’s news suggests that Valve has not failed to hear gamers’ cries. The revamped chat is very Discord-like, with text and voice channels listed separately, in-game details like map and game type listed next to friends and a useful quick list for your go-to gaming partners. There’s also a robust web client.

They straight up just took all of Discord’s best features and great layout, and added a few new features that only they could provide due to their position as a games platform.

This… This is great!

Voice and text chat is all encrypted and passed through Steam’s servers, which prevents the NSA competition from monitoring your squad’s tactics during PUBG games and griefers from tracing your IP and ordering a hundred pizzas to your door (or worse).

The NSA can realistically still get your chat logs. But the NSA aren’t the ones we need to be worried about. Not having your chats leaked to your political enemies, as is Discord’s policy, is already a huge improvement.

It’s long past due for a platform like Steam, but more importantly it lets them keep Discord in check. The latter, after all, could conceivably grow itself a game store or promotions page in order to subsidize its free services — and that would be stepping on Valve’s turf. Unforgivable.

That said, it’s far too late for Steam to steal away Discord’s users — it’s been adopted by far too many communities and the benefits of switching aren’t really substantial. But for people who have not yet installed Discord, the presence of a robust chat and voice client within Steam is a powerful deterrent.

That’s where you’re wrong, Tech Crunch.

At the very least, all of the Alt-Right is plausibly going to switch over to this new platform, and so is anyone even vaguely concerned about their privacy.

Moreover, this isn’t some new platform that people will have to move to. Everyone already has a steam account. So it’s just a question of “do I use this additional, external program now that Steam gives me all the features I need?”

In the long term, this is seriously going to eat away at Discord’s userbase.

So the only question is, will Steam also sell our information to third party organizations?

Probably not.

If anything, they’ll give us antifa’s chatlogs.

Valve is a private company, and they can already make use of the user’s data to sell them more games. They have an incentive to keep the information to themselves, as it hampers the competition. Moreover, there’s no shareholder pressure to maximize profit for every cent possible.

So odds are, they’ll keep things on the up and up.

Hail Gaben!