Stefan Molyneux Endorses Christianity, Calls Out the Christ-Hating Jews!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2019

Of those in the Alt-Lite, Stefan Molyneux was always the only one with anything interesting to say.

I’ve gone back and forth on him, mostly because he’s gone back and forth and up and down over the course of the last 10 years he’s been an e-celeb. He’s really flip-flopped around on a lot of stuff, and it’s hard to know when he’s being genuine.

Whatever the case, I’m very happy to see him state the clear and presently obvious fact that you simply cannot trust anyone who isn’t a Christian.

This is simply reality.

If a person does not believe in God, you cannot trust them. That isn’t to say only people who are ultra-religious can be trusted, or that all Christians (or people who claim to be Christians) can be trusted.

But it is simply a requisite first step that a person have some form of belief in God for me to be able to trust them. Atheists all end up being slippery willies – especially when shit gets hot.

He also followed up that tweet with the other most important thing to remember in all cases: Jews are not your friends.

The fact that he is willing to openly tweet about Jews and anti-white racism when he obviously knows that the censorship machine is tearing through all of these tubes makes me much more inclined to believe he is being honest about his Christian, pro-white transformation.

The only people that call out the Jews at this point are people who believe they have a moral imperative to do so. Because everyone knows all too well what happens when you do it.

So I think that Stefan Molyneux is telling the truth when he says that his experience in Poland and the race march changed him.

But whether he’s being real or not, his words couldn’t be truer:

Trust God, never the Jews, because they are satanic and the epitome of anti-God.

In some ultimate sense, everyone is either on one side or the other.

Some people don’t know which side they’re on yet, or they have yet to discover God. That doesn’t mean they’re bad. It takes time.

Roosh V is like 40-something years old or something, and just recently discovered God. It has been very inspiring to watch. Stefan Molyneux had been an atheist up until recently, and he’s past 50.

And there are many such cases. The right-wing appears to be undergoing a spiritual revival.

This is so encouraging to see, despite everything else that is happening.

I have always known that without God, we do not stand a chance.

With God, we cannot lose.

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